How to use Money in Excel, a free and secure money management tool

How to use Money in Excel, a free and secure money management tool


2021-03-25 14:14:18

Every month, you ask yourself what you spend, all the money, or do you not know which category is the most money spent on? Understanding that, Microsoft 365 launched Money in Excel, helping users manage spending from financial cards for free and securely.

What is Money in Excel?

Money in Excel is a premium template available in your Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscription that can securely link your funds to import and sync accounts. accounts and transactions, help you track and manage spending.

How to install Money in Excel

To use Money in Excel, you first need to sign up for Microsoft 365 Personal or Family.

Step 1: Visit Microsoft’s Money in Excel website -> use your Microsoft 365 account to log in (Sign in)-> select Download to download and choose the folder on your computer to save. Note, to make sure Money is automatically saved and for an extra layer of security, you should save the file in OneDrive Personal Vault.

Step 2: Open the downloaded Excel file in Excel.

Step 3: Choose Trust this add-in.

Select Trust this add-in

Step 4: Log in into account Microsoft 365 in Money in Excel.

Sign in to your Microsoft 365 account

Step 5: At this point, Money in Excel will ask you link financial accounts account -> select next -> review your security info and select tiếp tục. Money in Excel uses Plaid, a popular, highly secure tool to synchronize financial accounts.

Provide your financial account.

Step 6: Import user name and password account -> select Submit. Microsoft will not have access to your credentials. If your financial institution requires 2-factor authentication, you may be given the option to request verification by text, phone call and email. When the verification code is sent to you Enter Auth Code and choose Submit. Then choose tiếp tục.

Enter your username and password

Step 7: Choose Add an account on the right side of the screen and proceed to add another account until you’re done.

Select Add an account to add more accounts

Some other note

On the main screen of the spreadsheet, in addition to the introductory and tutorial sheets, you will find Snapshot, Transactions and Custom Categories sheets.

  • Snapshot will help you learn more about your trends, how to spend each month in the form of charts and graphs.
  • Transactions lets you add transactions for which you’ve linked your account to Money in Excel.
  • Custom Categories contain spending categories like health, beauty, dining, shopping …

Money in Excel only applies to software that:

  • Windows 10 or macOS Catalina
  • Excel 2019 or later or Excel for Mac version 16.31 or higher
  • Latest version of Edge, Chrome or Safari. I
  • Internet Explorer is not supported at this time.

Currently, Money in Excel is only available in the US and is expected to expand its support globally in the future.


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