How to use Nixow to translate languages ​​right on the screen

How to use Nixow to translate languages ​​right on the screen

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2021-05-29 04:23:29

The Nixow application will support us to translate languages ​​right on the screen through the pop-up interface, or translate languages ​​on the browser also via keyboard shortcuts. Nixow provides more than 100 different languages ​​for us to choose from the input language and the output language. So in addition to the translation feature like other translation applications, Nixow is more convenient when you open the application with keyboard shortcuts. The following article will guide you how to translate languages ​​using the Nixow application.

Instructions for translating languages ​​on Nixow

Step 1:

You download the Nixow application on Windows 10 and then proceed with the installation as usual.

Step 2:

In the application interface you will see language setting Translation includes:

  • Typing language: Select the source language.
  • Target language: Select the target language.
  • Shortcut: Select a shortcut to open the translation interface.

Once you’ve set it up, you Click the Save button to save. You can set different translation languages, by clicking the Add language button and add. To delete the newly added translation language, click the trash can icon.

Step 2:

Next look to the left edge of our screen Click on Open translator to open the pop-up translation interface.

Open pop-ups

Instantly display the translated pop-up interface for you Enter the content to be translated enter then press arrow icon. The required language results will be displayed below. This pop-up interface can be moved to any position on the screen, by clicking on the pop-up to move.

Translation pop-up

Step 3:

To translate languages ​​on another application, reopen the Nixow interface and then click Selection Translator in the menu list on the left side of the screen. Look to the right enter startup shortcut translation pop-up on other apps.

Translate app

Step 4:

Now you just need Highlight the language to be translated and then press the keyboard shortcut established. Immediately display the translation interface as below.

Translate app

Step 5:

The Nixow application has the feature to start with Windows. To turn off you press Right-click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager. Display the interface, we click Startup tab then click Nixow . app, Next click Disable to turn off.

Turn off startup with Windows


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