How to use Slickr to design Facebook and YouTube covers

How to use Slickr to design Facebook and YouTube covers

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2021-08-07 02:17:30

Slickr will help you design the cover photo of Facebook, YouTube … or many other accounts completely for free without users needing to register an account. The application provides tools for you to design your own cover image, like icons to insert into the cover photo, or other images. The following article will guide you to create a cover photo on Slickr.

Instructions for using Slickr to create cover photos

Step 1:

First, users access the Slickr website by following the link below and then click Try Now if available.

Step 2:

At the design interface you will see a pre-made cover image template. We will proceed to design our cover photo. In Home, you proceed to edit the title, tagline, icon, background image and their color and style.

Any changes will be immediately applied to the side cover image for you to track and change.

Step 3:

In case you want add your own picture then press select Uploads mục. Then double-click the uploaded image to insert it into the cover image.

Upload personal photos

Each content in the cover image when double-clicked will have a green frame around it to move, you can press Delete to delete it if you want.

Delete object

Step 4:

In Elements section you choose the logo, icon to insert into the cover image. Each logo, icon has a bookmark for you to bookmark for later use.

Insert logo

Step 5:

LIVE Section Images You can choose from a variety of images under different themes to add to your cover photo. Finally, after editing, Click Download. This will display 3 image format for you to download.

Choose format


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