How to use the app Help me!  Online health consulting project

How to use the app Help me! Online health consulting project

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2021-08-07 13:29:43

Help me! Project is an online health and psychological counseling application that helps you know how to take care of each person’s health completely for free. The application connects with a team of medical experts in many different fields to you to help you get the most useful and necessary information. Currently the application is sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Ministry of Health of Vietnam. The following article will guide readers to use the Help Me! Project.

User Guide Help Me! Project

Step 1:

You download the application Help me! Project for Android and iOS follow the link below and then proceed with the installation as usual.

Step 2:

First you need Click Sign Up to register an account to use the application. Friend Enter your phone number and then will receive verification code sent to phone number for us to enter the application interface.

Step 3:

Next we click Account Settings to Enter personal information your interface as below. After entering, click next button Save Changes.

Step 4:

At the interface on the application you can Click Connect now with an expert to get medical advice. We will choose whether the question is related to Covid or not. Next enter a description, attach a photo describing the disease.

If If it is not related to the Covid epidemic, please click No already choose a major you want to consult. After filling in all the information, click Connect with an expert. The application will then connect with a medical professional to advise you, possibly a video call if needed.

Step 5:

Also you can See more health questions frequently by clicking FAQ section. Select the topic you want to see information about, and then read an overview of some of the issues.


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