How to use the SOSmap season relief map

How to use the SOSmap season relief map

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2021-08-04 16:33:17

SOSmap epidemic relief map created by XTEK technology team in conjunction with Vietnam Women’s Union, Science and Technology Institute for agricultural and rural development with the aim of supporting people in difficulty during the epidemic season this disease. The map consists of two parts giving and receiving, the givers will fill in information about the necessities they want to donate and the recipients can register information to receive essential necessities. With this SOSmap map, those who have difficulties will partly overcome this Covid season. Here’s how to use the SOSmap map.

Instructions for giving essentials on SOSmap

Step 1:

First of all, we access the map link below and then click Want to give.

Step 2:

Now display the interface for you Fill in the information you want to givei, necessities such as clothes, masks, gloves, protective gear, food and drink, means of transport that want to support for transportation. After filling in the information, you click the contact address so that the switchboard will summarize and call you. You can add notes, take pictures of the items you want to donate.

Later press Continue to complete providing information to the switchboard.

Fill in the information you want to give

Step 3:

Also you can View map to track the information about the person you want to receive on the map. Each information needed to give, need to receive, given is displayed on the map in different colors so that we can easily filter information.

Follow the map

You can click the red symbols to see the information of the person who wants to receive support.

Points who need support

When Click on the location that needs support, you will see the contact information below. If you want to support, click I have support to provide your information.

Information about people needing support

Instructions for registering to receive necessities on SOSmap

Step 1:

First of all, the person who wants to receive it also accesses the map link below press Want to receive.

Want to receive

Step 2:

Then fill in the information you want to receive into this interface and click Continue. The SOSmap team will call to verify and clarify the recipient’s needs, and there will be a volunteer team to support, or other charity teams can use the information to help.

Information you want to receive support items


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