How to watch K + for free on TV360

How to watch K + for free on TV360


2021-03-26 08:35:08

Watch K + on TV360 completely free with many special and attractive movie channels with sharp quality that you do not need to pay a fee. Currently, television services are very popular with many options to customers for you to subscribe and use, including K +. In addition to showing special movies and attractive TV programs, K + will also broadcast domestic and international soccer tournaments such as English Premier League, La Liga, .. TV360 will broadcast a number of channels live. broadcast of K + to the user. The following article will guide you to read how to watch K + on TV360.

Instructions to watch K + on TV360

Currently, customers will be 100% free of integrated package including 4 K + channels, TV channels, movies on TV360 application in March. Especially, Viettel customers are also completely free 4G data when watching contents. This content is on mobile. The program applies to the first 200,000 customers. You can compose a HD message to 1331 (free of charge) to watch the program’s content.

Step 1:

Users download TV360 application for phone by following the link below.

In the interface firstly you click humanoid icon already select Sign In via Facebook or Google account.

Step 2:

After logging in, we go back to the application’s interface and then click on TV icons to watch broadcasts from various channels including K +. You will now see a separate section for K + Channels with 4 different channels.

We just need to tap on each channel to watch the content being broadcast live on the app.

Step 3:

To Watch the broadcast schedule on K + with different channels you swipe the screen from right to left. At this point we will see the movie showtimes for today. When it comes to a program that is currently playing, it will light up the program name.

In addition to the broadcasts from domestic channels, TV360 also broadcasts many other foreign programs for you to follow. Application has minimizes the video playback window let you do other things.


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