How to withdraw money using Vietcombank QR code

How to withdraw money using Vietcombank QR code


2021-03-22 05:36:24

Vietcombank implemented QR code withdrawal without ATM card, saving customers time when you do not need to bring the card from your side to withdraw money. Accordingly, the bank implements two types of card-free withdrawal: using OTP to verify via text message and via QR code, and scan QR code displayed on ATM screen. At that time, users can choose the appropriate type of withdrawal without Vietcombank card. The following article will guide you to withdraw money from Vietcombank via QR code. Note, in order to withdraw money from Vietcombank by QR code, an ATM is required to have a QR code withdrawal feature. Customers are only allowed to withdraw money within the limit allowed by Vietcombank

Guide to withdraw money from Vietcombank QR code

Step 1:

Firstly, login to your Vietcombank bank account in the VCB Digibank application. Continue to select features QR Pay right at the top of the interface as shown below.

Step 2:

In On the ATM screen we choose the function Withdraw by QR code. At this time, the screen will display the interface containing the QR code. You hold up the camera on your phone to scan the QR code displayed on the ATM screen.

Select QR code scanning mode

Step 3:

Next, customers choose the source of the card, the amount they want to withdraw and then confirm the withdrawal transaction on the ATM machine. At this time, the bank will ask the customer enter the card’s PIN want to withdraw selected money

The system will check the PIN, if it is correct, the ATM will release the money and complete the transaction


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