How to write notes to PDF files on Microsoft Edge

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2021-06-07 13:59:45

Microsoft Edge supports reading PDF files right in the browser so you can open the file if there is no PDF reader software, along with many other features such as coloring PDF documents on Microsoft Edge, reading PDF files aloud on Microsoft Edge or Write notes to the content of the PDF file. Due to the requirements of the job, you need to add notes to the content in the PDF file for convenient reference, or remember the content when reviewing. The following article will guide you how to write comments in PDF files on Microsoft Edge.

Instructions for writing notes on PDF files on Microsoft Edge

Step 1:

First of all, you open the PDF file with Microsoft Edge browser as usual.

Step 2:

At the interface in the PDF file, the user highlight the text to write notes then press right mouse. In the list of options displayed, click Add comment option to write notes for this content.

Add notes

Step 3:

Then display the interface to enter notes on the screen. You enter the content to note into this interface. The note interface can be moved to many other locations by long-pressing on the note interface and then moving.

Finished entering notes Click the checkmark in the lower right corner to save.

Enter a note

Step 4:

Then the content with notes will be highlighted in color and accompanied by a note icon as shown below. You can click on the icon to review the note.

We continue to add notes to other content in the PDF file.

Content with notes

Step 5:

In the note interface when clicking 3 dots will display 2 options: delete the note and Edit to edit the content of that note again.

Notes option


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