Huawei ‘implicitly’ develops 100W super charger

Huawei ‘implicitly’ develops 100W super charger

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2021-08-02 21:26:14

(CHK) A fast charging model with a capacity of up to 100W has just received 3C certification in China in the name of Huawei.

Not long ago, many sources discovered that Huawei seems to be developing fast charging technology up to 90W. However, recently, the Chinese registry office suddenly certified for charging technology up to 100W for a device named by Huawei.

In fact, fast charging is a new race between smartphone manufacturers. Xiaomi once introduced 200W fast charging technology that can fill a 4000 mAh battery in just 8 minutes. In June 2019, Vivo also launched Super FlashCharge technology capable of charging up to 120W.

Huawei itself also got certification for 130W fast charging technology not too long ago. However, analysts say that fast charging technology above 100W is often quite difficult to commercialize. It usually just stops at the level of research and performance. On the market fast charging is usually popular at 30 or 65W.

Last month Honor announced the Honor 50 Pro will feature a 100W charger. It seems that this has led its former owner Huawei to soon follow. Huawei charger 100W (20V @ 5A) with model code HW-200500C00 has been certified by 3C of China.

However, it is not clear which device Huawei will equip this super fast charging technology for. The newly announced Huawei P50 and P50 Pro have a charging capacity of up to 66W with the GaN charger sold separately. It also supports 50W wireless charging. Whether this will continue to be a Huawei research device or it will be commercialized next year with the P60 series are still unanswered questions.

If commercialized, it is clear that Huawei and its old brand Honor will further heat up the market with its fast charging products. Even Apple, which is not too important about charging recently, is said to launch fast charging up to 25W for iPhone 13.


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