Hunonic – The first cheap smart home appliance for Vietnamese people

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2021-04-17 22:36:29

Hunonic Vietnam Joint Stock Company is proud to be a unit specializing in research and production of intelligent electrical and electronic equipment. Hunonic smart home system is capable of remotely controlling and monitoring all electrical appliances in the house, such as: bulbs, TVs, air conditioners, air-conditioners, pumps, security systems to curtains, rolling door … With the motto: Vietnamese people use high quality Vietnamese goods, especially at low prices, suitable for all families. All control in your home momentarily is simplified with just one touch via the Hunonic app. Let’s take a look at some smart device systems with Hunonic:

Switch system, smart socket

Smart touch switch

Used as an alternative to conventional switch that allows you to control remotely via phone. Just one touch and you can manage the lighting system for your home. Suitable for all high-rise buildings, apartments, apartments….

Outside is a luxurious tempered glass surface, Hunonic Touch Switch brings modern look to the house. Context setting, voice control and phone control from anywhere make your home more refined and comfortable than ever before.

Smart plug

With a compact design, you can take it anywhere and just plug it into the power source and use it right away. Suitable for locations where smart switches cannot be installed, any type of device plugged into Hunonic’s smart socket can be controlled remotely via a phone. The timer function will help you schedule the operation of the equipment, still ensuring the performance of the machine but also saving fuel.

Smart door system

Opening and closing the rolling door is a simple operation, but many times you cannot control whether you have closed the door or not. As long as you own the smart door’s switch

Hunonic, through Hunonic software you will know whether you are closed or not with just one touch, the system will safely manage your home. There is also a function to share control for family members without spending much time controlling by remote. The above product is also integrated with Smart Camera for door management, you can monitor directly by phone no matter where you are. The system is extremely secure because when there is an act of prying open the door of the crook, the sensor system will immediately alarm a loud siren, report illegal intrusion and automatically call notifications to your phone.

Device controller by infrared

You will no longer find the remote, replace the control battery, … just the infrared controller will help you set timers for devices in the family.

Replace all types of controls, integrated into Hunonic software to turn on and off all devices in the house such as: television, air conditioner, computer, sound system, … through your phone. Helps you control your devices as well as increases their longevity. Connect infrared control devices to your phone via Hunonic Smart IR, Hunonic company’s best-selling product.

Remote control switch by phone sim

Overcoming difficulties in areas where wifi cannot be installed, Hunonic has researched and developed the Noma switch for remote control via sim phone, this is the only switch on the market capable of controlling via waves. Phone sim is able to use control application on smartphone.

This product is essential for smart agricultural development areas that do not have wifi. The facilities of Noma switch:

– Remote control anywhere, no need wifi

– Notifications about phone status

Automatic opening / closing timer, setting cycle of operation

– The cost of maintaining a sim is very cheap, only 2000 VND per month

– Many applications in agriculture 4.0: control lamps, aeration, pumps, automatic irrigation, …

Hunonic’s products are manufactured in Vietnam, so the information system will be extremely secure and the response speed is fast. 24/7 warranty support and consulting. Hunonic is making daily efforts to provide Vietnamese homes with high quality and cheapest smart home products.


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