Huobi Global co-hosts Vietnam’s Metaverse Future Blockchain Forum

Huobi Global co-hosts Vietnam’s Metaverse Future Blockchain Forum

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2022-05-28 09:33:19

The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Huobi Global, recently announced to host a Blockchain industry forum in Vietnam on May 28 with the theme “Metaverse in Asia – The Road to Web 3 and Metaverse” “.

“Metaverse in Asia – The Road to Web 3 and Metaverse”

Huobi Global co-hosts Vietnam’s Metaverse Future Blockchain Forum

Oneblock Labs, which specializes in investing in Blockchain startups, will act as a co-host for the event. “Metaverse in Asia – The Road to Web 3 and Metaverse”, is the topic of the ongoing global discussion about the Metaverse virtual universe in Asia. The forum will focus on the good points of Web 3 and the future of Vietnam’s Metaverse, with input from leading industry experts.

The event featured a series of activities such as live chat, group discussion and audience Q&A. Opening the event was a speech by Samuel Tang, Senior Director of Business Development at Huobi Global.

Typical guests attending the forum will include Dr. Binh Nguyen Thanh (Crypto Hub), Nguyen Trung Anh (The Coindesk), Leon Truong (DTS), Tuan Tran (Starpunk), Dr. Binh Nguyen (RMIT), Kelvin Phan (Moon Knight Labs),…

Forum attendees will have a chance to win an iPhone13 Pro Max along with a chance to own one of three NFTs signed by NBA legend Tracy McGrady and up to $100 worth of tokens.

Participants will also be invited to share in the $35,000 total prize pool by participating in an open auction on the Huobi NFT platform for an NFT video titled McGrady Moments. The video celebrates the night that defines McGrady’s career in December 2004 when he scored 13 points in 35 seconds to win a spectacular victory over the San Antonio Spurs.

At the first “Metaverse in Asia – Vietnamese enterprises with Metaverse opportunities” discussion session that took place on May 25, the person behind the success of Blockchain projects oriented towards the development goals of the United Nations , Raj Kappor, says:

There will be a revolution in Blockchain and technological solutions to optimize Blockchain adoption across sectors. Metaverse makes it possible for everyone to participate and contribute to the common environment.

International communicator working in the field related to Metaverse, Jane King, said:

Asia is a major contributor to the growth of Metaverse, Blockchain as well as the startup movement. Countries that want to gain an edge in the Metaverse technology race will need to complete a legal framework soon so that the business community can thrive.

Metaverse in Vietnam

Metaverse in Vietnam
Metaverse in Vietnam

Metaverse in the Asian market is making strong strides. China established the Metaverse Industry Committee, Singapore has national Metaverse projects and Asian hotel groups have acquired virtual lands on various Metaverse platforms. Vietnam is the largest producer of GameFi games and is widely available throughout Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is rated as the world leader in cryptocurrency adoption among 154 countries by 2021, surpassing major economies such as the United States, China, and Russia.

Mr. Huynh Kim Tuoc, CEO of Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB) had optimistic comments about Vietnam’s opportunities in the face of global trends. He suggested that businesses in Vietnam should research on trending technology solutions such as Blockchain or Metaverse as well as their role in digital transformation.

CEO of SIHUB also expressed his wish that in the near future, the Government will have many favorable legal policies with the support of many professional business organizations at home and abroad so that many Vietnamese unicorns appear.

Du Jun, co-founder of Huobi Global said:

The cryptocurrency market in Vietnam is growing rapidly and Huobi’s expertise in the Blockchain field puts us in the ideal position to support Blockchain projects and communities in Vietnam. I believe this will help support our ambitions to expand our global footprint and make crypto adoption and trading an enjoyable experience for everyone.

About Huobi Group

Huobi is the leading global blockchain corporation today
Huobi is the leading global blockchain corporation today

Huobi is a leading global Blockchain corporation today. Huobi Group was established in 2013 and chose Singapore as its Asia headquarters. The company’s mission is to create breakthroughs in Blockchain technology and integrate it into other industries.

Huobi Group operates in the fields of public Blockchain, proprietary investment, project incubation, Blockchain research,… Since its establishment, Huobi has built a global digital ecosystem. and invest in more than 60 companies in the Blockchain industry.

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