‘I am accumulating to help humanity’

‘I am accumulating to help humanity’


2021-03-23 15:32:03

Recently, CEO Elon Musk has responded to the criticism of Sen. Bernie Sanders about his too large fortune. Accordingly, Musk said he will use the money to help humanity.

“I am amassing a variety of sources to help create interplanetary life and broaden understanding of the stars,” Musk replied on Twitter. According to Bloomberg statistics, at this time Elon Musk holds $ 170 billion, is the second richest person in the world after Jeff Bezos.

Musk became the richest man in the world with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Liberal lawmakers have always called for higher taxes on billionaires.

“We are in a historic moment in America where two men, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, own more assets than 40% of the poorest people in the country,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said on Twitter.

He added: “The levels of greed and inequality are not only unethical, but also inexplicable.”

An article posted on the Clean Technica website called the Senator’s comments “really humorous”. For his part, Musk responded to this article and said that he plans to use the money to create interplanetary life.

Musk last year planned to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050, creating many jobs on the Red Planet. He said that “highly confident” that SpaceX’s first Starship missile could land on Mars in 2026. However, many aviation experts are skeptical about this timeline. .

Even Musk once publicly intended to settle on Mars. In late May of last year, Musk announced that he plans to sell “most” of his assets and will “not own any homes”. Since then, the businessman has sold many homes in his nearly $ 100 million real estate portfolio.

In 2020, Musk also sells a lot of high-value properties including three homes in Los Angeles and a real estate that once belonged to actor Gene Wilder.

Musk may also break up with real estate in California when he moves to Texas, where there is no personal income tax. In addition, this billionaire also said that he is trying to accumulate wealth to eventually serve the purpose of settling on Mars.

“I think the important thing for humanity is to become a cosmonaut civilization, or a species with multiple planets. To build a city on Mars requires a lot of resources and me. wants to contribute as much as possible to that effort. ”Both Musk and Bezos have recently taken turns becoming the richest man on the planet. When Musk’s fortune reached $ 188 billion in January, he has officially surpassed Bezos, who holds the title since 2017.

At the time, Musk said about becoming the richest man in the world: “How strange”.

Last week, Sanders raised questions about Bezos’ fortune through tweets, after which he mentioned the assets of both Musk and Bezos during a Congressional hearing on Wednesday morning.

“Bezos and Musk now own 40% more assets than the poorest people in America. Meanwhile, we’re seeing more people starve in America than at any other time.”

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