I feel sorry for the player being “eaten”, but the developer Elden Ring decided not to lower the difficulty of his game

I feel sorry for the player being “eaten”, but the developer Elden Ring decided not to lower the difficulty of his game

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2022-03-07 08:54:49

Although it was just released more than a week ago, the blockbuster game Elden Ring has been “popular” for many players around the world, especially for those who are new to the soul-like genre like this. This can be seen as a specialty in the products produced by FromSoftware, and they certainly will not want to lose their identity. In other words, don’t expect that future updates will make the Elden Ring a little easier to breathe.

Recently, legendary developer Hidetaka Miyazaki, the genius mind behind Elden Ring, has candidly shared about the difficulty of this game. Although feeling quite pity and sympathy for gamers who are struggling, “scratching” through the world of The Lands Between, Hidetaka believes that Elden Ring brings joy to players through the difficult journey itself, requires extreme patience to overcome such utopian series of challenges.

Elden Ring is really difficult, but it is such cruel challenges that will help players get the most meaningful and worthy experiences.

Sharing with the New Yorker, Hidekata said: “I really feel sorry for everyone who is struggling, who has to sacrifice so much to be able to overcome the challenges of my games. I just want as many players as possible to enjoy the fun of overcoming the impossible“.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our game product, but difficulties like these are the ones worth experiencing. So at the moment, we are not thinking about giving up or reducing the difficulty of the game. That’s our identity“.

It wouldn’t be surprising if FromSoftware decided not to reduce the difficulty of Elden Ring, or add options to make its game simpler. All the blockbusters that they have ever released like Dark Souls, Bloodborne or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, have “executed” many gamers to go ashore before their uncompromising difficulty.

However, compared to previous games, Elden Ring still offers a number of features that help players have a slightly easier experience. The freedom to explore an open world allows you to familiarize yourself with the game, upgrade your character faster, and have more time to prepare for boss battles. Besides, you can also summon (and increase the power) of your allied NPCs.

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