“I was angry with my wife and went to my sister’s house for refusing to sell bitcoins at the price of 60,000 USD”

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2021-03-31 06:05:11

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Recently, on reddit, the story of a husband who was angry with his wife and returned to his sister’s house for refusing to sell bitcoin at $ 60,000 attracted much attention.

Specifically, an account with the nickname ‘Parking_Meater’ posted a line of confession about him being angry with his wife for refusing to sell bitcoin at the price of 60,000 USD.

Parking_Meater writes:

“Our family life is turned upside down for bitcoin. My wife… she was very angry that I refused to sell bitcoin when it was at 60,000 USD, she often looked at the bitcoin price list and scolded. I tried to convince my wife that ‘we have cash and are living well so we don’t need to sell bitcoins right now’ … but then it was not good because in one order to buy more bitcoins I was caught by her. When I met at the match, my wife was so mad that she almost hit me. Currently, my wife has moved her belongings to her sister’s house. Before she left, she said ‘let’s stop talking’ ”.

Parking_Meater’s shared line immediately attracted attention on reddit, some expressed sympathy for the wife because who stood in front of the money without being moved, thinking that he should go to his sister’s house to apologize. Harmony with his wife … but there were many comments saying “if a wife like this, I will break up”, another said “this will be an opportunity to exchange his wife” or “preparing to sell some bitcoin for the rent of the law. divorce him “.

When asked, Parking_Meater does not reveal the specific number of bitcoins that he is hodl.

Bitcoin price reached over $ 60,000 on March 14 and then peaked at $ 61,599 for the day, according to Coingecko. Currently the price is correcting… but it remains stable above the 55,000 USD threshold.

Bitcoin price movement

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