Icetea Labs, Polygon and Alpha Venture DAO Host Web3 Startup Program

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2022-08-16 08:26:41

Icetea Labs in partnership with Polygon and Alpha Venture DAO to launch the “Startup Web3 Accelerator Program” for the first season of 2022.

Icetea Labs, Polygon and Alpha Venture DAO Host Web3 Startup Program

Icetea Labs – The leading Web3 Incubator has just announced a partnership with Polygon – one of the leading blockchain platforms and Alpha Venture DAO – the leading Web3 developer and incubator in Southeast Asia to organize the “Promoting Program”. development for Web3 Startup” first season in 2022.

The program is announced to take place in September and October this year. The 8-week program aims to support Web3 Startups in areas such as product/market fit, fundraising, go-to-market strategy and sustainable growth. This is especially important as the Web3 industry is currently going through rapid changes, as the cryptocurrency market as a whole is slowly adapting to macro changes and consumer demand for digital experiences. Decentralized Web3 is on the rise. The first season program will have a special focus on NFT, gaming, metaverse and Web3 solutions and utilities in general.

The program brings together the best partners and resources to drive growth for the entire Southeast Asia region. This includes the co-organizer, Polygon, with numerous funds dedicated to supporting hundreds of projects in the industry’s strongest developer ecosystem and network. In Southeast Asia, Icetea Labs and Alpha Venture DAO have demonstrated their ability to launch and scale potential projects, while helping to build communities. Together, the trio will form one of the region’s most competitive and compelling Web3 Startups Acceleration Programs.

The program opens applications for participation on August 15, 2022 and closes on August 31, 2022. After that, the selected candidates will be able to attend workshops and intensive training. Advisors for the program include Joseph Young from Hashed’s investment team, Felix Sim – Co-Founder of Salad Ventures, Hassan (Hatu) Sheikh – Co-Founder of DAO Maker, Duong Thanh Hai – Chief Technology Officer of GameFi .org. Program topics will include tokenomics, fundraising, security, and community building.

In addition to accessing industry expertise, Startups will have the opportunity to present to venture capitalists and angel investors during Demo Day in November. Startups in the early stages already have MVP and market penetration strategies, participate. Finished projects can also participate in the program.

“We believe that Web3 technology will open new horizons for game projects and gamers if applied correctly,” said Icetea Labs CEO Thi Truong. “We are well aware of the challenges posed in the industry, as well as the root of the difficulties that led to the failure to sustain much of the current Web3 game model. From there, the program was designed to find visionary leaders and talented teams to help them solve and build products that will change the face of Web3 gaming and the industry. NFT industry in the near future.”

“We are excited to help founders develop their Web3.0 projects through the Web3 Startup Accelerator with Icetea Labs and Polygon. This is a program specifically designed to support founders by providing practical advice on building products on Web 3.0 technology, connecting them with industry veterans, and opening funding opportunities from top investors,” said Tascha Punyaneramidee, Co-Founder & CEO, Alpha Venture DAO.

The Icetea Labs Startup Accelerator Program has the participation of famous partners, investment funds and advisors from Polygon, Alpha Venture DAO, Hashed, Protocol Labs, Global Founders Capital (GFC), Polygon Studios, Saison Capital , Capital, Shima Capital, CyberAgent Capital, Filecoin, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bybit,, DAO Maker, Avocado DAO, Salad Ventures, Funtap, Red Kite launchpad, Certik,, Symbolic Capital , Spark Digital Capital, Moonrock Capital, iCandy Interactive, Topebox, Dvision Network, BitKeep, Alpha Lab Capital and many more.

In addition, the program also has the companionship of many media partners such as CoinMarketCap, Momentum6, Crypto Banter, AltcoinBuzz, Cryptodifer, Satoshi Club, Top 7 ICO, Vendetta Ventures, HG Ventures…

About Icetea Labs

Icetea Labs is a leading Web3 experimental company, especially in the field of incubating game, metaverse and NFT projects, which includes and Red Kite. Backed by an extensive network of strategic technology partners, Icetea Labs helps startups through issues such as consulting, fundraising, product development and marketing, facilitating game projects and metaverse grows to its fullest potential.

Learn more about Icetea Labs: Website | Twitter |Facebook | LinkedIn

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