IEOs on Binance – Which players are the most profitable?

IEOs on Binance – Which players are the most profitable?


2021-03-22 00:17:45

Recently, Binance Launchpad just announced the next IEO appearing on its platform, which is SafePal (SFP). So every time Binance announces an IEO, what types of players will join the game created by this exchange. At the same time, what do the data in the last 6 IEOs indicate? Let’s take a look at the 3 following outreach strategies to have a better overview.

IEOs on Binance - Which players are most profitable?
IEOs on Binance – Which players are most profitable?

BNB players

As can be seen, the impact from Binance IEOs on the BNB price is enormous. This is because users will have to have a qualified BNB balance in order to have tickets to join the IEO as well as receive the project’s tokens.

So, if you are a net investor of BNB during this period, do not claim IEO tickets, what is the maximum profit you can get from BNB? Below is a list of BNB prices for the period of 2 weeks and 1 week prior to the announcement of the IEO. Besides, is the highest BNB price during the IEO period.

IEO IEO release date BNB price 2 weeks ago announced (a) BNB price 1 week ago announced (b) Highest BNB price during IEO period (c) ATH ROI (buy 1 week in advance) (c / b) ATH ROI (2 weeks in advance) (c / a)
SafePal (SFB) February 1, 2021 45.6 41.8
Axie Infinity (AXS) October 26, 2020 28.5 30.6 32.2 5.2% 12.9%
Injective Protocol (INJ) October 12, 2020 26.1 28.9 31.7 9.6% 21.4%
Alpha Finance Lab (ALPHA) September 29, 2020 31.2 23.5 29.5 25.5% -5.4%
The SandBox (SAND) August 5, 2020 17.7 20.1 23.5 16.9% 32.7%
Cartesi (CTSI) April 13, 2020 11.3 13.7 16.6 21.1% 46.9%
WazirX (WRX) January 21, 2020 14.9 15.1 18.7 23.8% 25.5%

It is easy to see that ROI by this selection decreased in the last 2 IEO times. So is this also a reasonable solution every time the IEO comes? Of course, for investors who choose low risk, this is still a reasonable choice. There are two reasons to choose a net buy BNB solution and not participate in the IEO.

BNB has a very stable buying force model besides IEO activity. Easy to mention as Launchpool, where users have to stake BNB to receive the launchpool token. Next is the liquidity pools, with a typical representative is AMM PancakeSwap. In addition, BNB is also popular with many trading pairs listed by Binance. Binance supports converting small (insignificant) balances to BNB. That is not to mention BNB staking activities.

Therefore, the demand for BNB is great and choosing to hold BNB each time the IEO comes in is a so-called acceptable solution.

The players claim tickets to receive IEO tokens

For this type of strategy and players, they will usually tend to dump the project coin once it is listed on the exchange.

What are the risks they take in? That is not getting tickets, but also losing money for accumulating and holding BNB during the IEO period. When launchpad results are available, there will be a large selling pressure on BNB and this is a factor for those who decide to buy IEO from the beginning should consider.

However, if you win the IEO, how much profit when the coin list is on the floor, please keep an eye on the summary below. This summary includes the listing price and the highest price recorded on that day.

Price on the floor The highest price on listing day ROD Hit rate
AXS $ 0.1 $ 0.29 x2.9 55.61%
INJ $ 0.4 $ 1.49 x3.7 72.49%
ALPHA $ 0.02 $ 0.15 x7.5 42.44%
SAND $ 0.008333 $ 0.09471 x11.4 52.58%
CTSI $ 0.01506 $ 0.098 x6.5 33.18%
WRX $ 0.02 $ 0.075 x3.75 43.74%

It can be said that the profit is significantly higher than just keeping BNB net. However, as mentioned above, players also need to consider the risk of not winning a ticket. In the last 6 IEOs, most of the hit rates are from around 50%. Only Injective Protocol has an outstanding hit rate of 72.49%.

So what if you choose to not sell when the token goes public. Let’s see how the players who choose to hold tokens earn profit.

The hold system player

Also with the data from the last 6 times of IEO, if investors do not choose token discharge solution when listing, but keep for an average of 4 to 6 months, the profit can be considered very significant. Of course, it is very difficult for the investor to profit at the ATH price, but the ATH ROI table below can partly help readers get the most general feeling.

Price listed on the floor ROD

(on listing date)

AXS $ 0.1 x2.9 x11.63
INJ $ 0.4 x3.7 x27.12
ALPHA $ 0.02 x7.5 x118.69
SAND $ 0.008333 x11.4 x18.02
CTSI $ 0.01506 x6.5 x9.52
WRX $ 0.02 x3.75 x11.44

So what is the risk of this play? Need a very deep knowledge and understanding of the nature of the project is doing, the market potential that the project is approaching is great or not. Only a small error in the analysis can completely cause investors to bear large losses.

In addition to the above basic knowledge, investors need to have a very stable mentality because during a long token hold period, any risk can happen, especially Bitcoin can completely collapse and dragging along the whole market.

It should be noted that the data from the last 6 IEOs were recorded during the uptrend period, and this has a huge impact on the performance of IEOs on Binance.

Thus, we have reviewed the remarkable parameters from the last 6 IEOs on Launchpad and the remarkable details for each outreach strategy. If the reader has followed the full article, it will be easy to recognize that the above content is only for data analysis and information provision. Note, this is not investment advice. Hope the above information is useful and helps readers to make a reasonable decision in the future.

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