“If a foreign country is called an OS but we can’t call it, the standard is too double”

“If a foreign country is called an OS but we can’t call it, the standard is too double”


2021-03-30 11:40:39

“BOS” is the name of the software developed by BKAV for Bphone. BOS advertised by BKAV as “Open like Android, smooth like iOS”, “No redundant apps”, “The most secure today”, even “Addictive” by features like gesture navigation, anti-theft or spam blocking.

With such “strong-mouthed” statements from BKAV, it is not difficult to see BOS receiving many different streams of opinions from users. In fact, right from the name “BOS” has become one of the most popular debates of the community over the years.

Because, despite being called “the BOS operating system”, but the essence of BOS is still built on Google’s Android platform. Many people believe that BOS should not be called an “operating system”, but merely an interface layer, or even a launcher.

Mr. Lam Hong Quang, General Director in charge of Mobile Software of BKAV at the launch of Bphone B86

In order to explain more about this name, recently, Mr. Lam Hong Quang, General Director of Mobile Software of BKAV, gave an answer in an online exchange with the community of Bphone users.

The phrase used by Mr. Quang, which is also mentioned by BKAV and CEO Nguyen Tu Quang in many previous statements, is “prejudice”.

“I think you are in a hurry to conclude. It feels like because BOS is a Vietnamese product, so you have the prejudice that it is simple. UI or OS is actually called by each company. Their products, if you like to call them, just call them. In fact, these products (MIUI, One UI, ColorOS, HarmonyOS, BOS …) are all operating systems for smartphone manufacturers, developed on the Android open source platform. . “

The fact that some Android manufacturers such as Oppo, Vivo or OnePlus call their software “ColorOS”, “OriginOS”, or “OxygenOS”, but BKAV is not called “BOS”, according to Quang, is “the target. double standard “.

“Foreign countries are called OS, we cannot be called, even if we do the same thing, we have double standards.”

The general manager denied that BOS is just a launcher as many people think. According to him, BKAV has “own Android”, namely, customizing the stock Android a lot “for a better user experience”.

Sometimes I read comments like BOS is just a Launcher, or BOS is shallowly interfering with Android … I find these statements very emotional, too confident without relevant knowledge and information. I have repeatedly affirmed that Bkav completely owns Android, and I do whatever I want. We also intervene a lot in the original Android, from Kernel to Frameworks, to every other corner, to bring a better experience for users.

BKAV General Director explains why BOS on Bphone is considered as an operating system: If a foreign country is called an OS, if we cannot call it, the standard is too double - Photo 2.

BOS 8.6 on Bphone B86.

However, perhaps some of the friends’ prejudices are too great, so they often consider themselves, Bkav never said anything, and affirms what they say, but forgetting that, in fact, their knowledge about the specifics. This area of ​​expertise (making an operating system based on the Android open source platform) is very limited, mostly zero. Even some of you download Android source, fix a little, build your own. Self-loaded into a mobile phone, knowledge is only almost 0. The BOS development team has been doing just that for more than 10 years.

Mr. Quang went on to give two examples of Edge and Chrome browsers, saying that both of these browsers are not entirely developed by Microsoft and Google, but are based on existing platforms from another company. However, Microsoft and Google still name their browser without being scrutinized by anyone “Google is the US, the West is huge, so whatever they do can be”

Another example is Microsoft’s Edge Browser. They recently turned to Edge development based on the open-source Chromium browser, which is behind Google. But this won’t stop them from calling their product Microsoft’s Edge browser. And perhaps because Microsoft is the US, the West, is huge, for those of you who have this prejudice, it is normal.

Or another example, as few of you know, the Chromium open source browser actually does not develop its own browser engine, but is based on WebKit, an open source browser kernel, by Apple. after. And of course, Google also gave the browser kernel its own name, Blink, despite WebKit’s origins. And again, of course, Google is the US, the West is giant, so whatever they do can be anything.

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