If he can’t continue to play Superman, what character can Henry Cavill play in the MCU?

If he can’t continue to play Superman, what character can Henry Cavill play in the MCU?


2022-03-21 16:54:44

Henry Cavill became famous as Superman in the DCEU; in fact, his movie Man of Steel kicked off quite a few things, like serving as the foundation of this universe. However, his Superman character was still controversial with critics and audiences alike, leading many to believe that he might not be playing Last Son of Krypton anymore.

And no one knows what the DCEU will do in the future, but even if he doesn’t get to wear the red cape again, Cavill could still be a superhero. Indeed, there are many characters in the MCU that are a good fit for Cavill, and the actor is completely capable of performing brilliantly, delighting millions of fans around the world. And here are some good examples.

Jack Of Hearts

Jack of Hearts is the son of a brilliant scientist and a woman of the Contraxian alien race. He possessed special abilities, but couldn’t control his powers, so he built a suit to control his superpowers. However then things spiraled out of control, and he left Earth, exploding alone in space.

The tragedy of Jack of Hearts will make for a compelling story on the big screen in the next Avengers movie. Furthermore, Jack of Hearts will be a single role, which means that Cavill could still return to the DCEU in the future.


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For those unfamiliar with the name Nova, his real name is Richard Rider – an Earthling born in Hempstead, New York. He was chosen by chance by Rhomann Dey, a senior officer of Xandar’s corps, a planet belonging to Nova Corps, to inherit his full power. Before dying, Rhomann had no choice but to give his Nova Force power back to Rider, asking him to use it for good, becoming the protector of the Earth and the whole world. The universe. With the name Nova- Richard Rider possesses super strong health, extreme armor and the ability to fly quite well.

The original Nova, Richard Rider, received his great powers from the Nova Force. He can fly and has superhuman strength, durability, and speed, along with the ability to absorb energy and re-release it in the form of beams and pulses.

So far, the cosmic aspect of the MCU universe has been anchored by Star-Lord and Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the MCU still has a vacancy that Nova and Nova Corps can fill. Cavill will likely excel in the role, bringing the same charm he showed in The Man from UNCLE to Nova’s distinctly cocky personality.

Mister Sinister

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Possesses the ability to control every molecule of his body, activated through the X Gene Transplant taken from the biological supramolecular Courier. However, it is still far behind Apocalypse. Mister Sinister can take the form of almost anyone or nearly anything he wants and transform himself into a semi-liquid state, or harden his body like armor. Mister Sinister can rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed tissues with extreme speed and efficiency. Sinister can completely heal wounds that result in extensive tissue damage or loss such as multiple gunshot wounds, slash wounds, puncture wounds, fractures, and severe burns in a matter of moments. His regenerative abilities do not require the function of his brain or other internal organs to survive.

The X-Men have some incredibly complex villains, and Mister Sinister is the perfect example of one of them. Born Nathaniel Essex in Victorian London, Sinister underwent genetic engineering through the Apocalypse event, becoming immortal and gaining mild telepathy as well as complete control over his body at the fractional level. death.

Unlike other X-Men villains, Sinister was never used in live-action. He has the potential to become a major threat to the entire MCU, and Cavill would be a pretty fitting choice for the role.

Captain Britain

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First debuted in the Marvel comics in 1976. As a young Englishman whose father is a scientific genius, after his parents died in a scientific incident, Brian was attacked by the villainous group Reaver. While on the run, he got into a serious motorcycle accident. Later, Braddock met the sorcerer Merlin, received a mysterious energy and became Captain Britain.

Created in 1976, Captain Britain was originally billed as the British version of Captain America. In keeping with his British roots, the character receives mystical powers from the legendary wizard Merlyn, including superhuman strength, the ability to fly, and a variety of weapons, primarily as a quarterstaff. (The short staff or simply the staff is a traditional European pole weapon, particularly prominent in England during the Early Modern period).


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Hercules is one of those characters only comic fans know is a part of the Avengers. Based on the mythical character of the same name, Hercules debuted in the Silver Age and quickly became part of the Avengers. In keeping with his mythical origins, Hercules is the most powerful of all the creatures on Mount Olympus.

Upcoming MCU fans will get to know Zeus played by Russell Crowe in Thor: Love and Thunder. Cavill played a character from Greek mythology, Theseus, in Tarsem Singh’s 2011 film Immortals and was physically required to play a god.


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