If the computer crashes, press this key combination

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2021-04-27 02:23:32

Must have at least 1 time you have a situation the computer crashes, suddenly freezes and Windows becomes unresponsive for a lot of different reasons. There’s a little-known keystroke that can help bring the device back to normal.

The key combination fixes the computer crashes

Windows has a standard keystroke to restart the video driver, which can be used at any time, that is Win + Ctrl + Shift + B.

After pressing the key combination above, the screen goes black for a while, then you hear a beep when the video driver restarts. After 1 2 seconds, the screen will return to normal. Since this only affects the graphics driver, all other applications will stay where you are.

Note that this key combination only works on Windows 8 and Windows 10, but Windows 7 users regret it. This works no matter what graphics driver you use, from Nvidia to AMD and Intel integrated graphics.

Restarting the graphics driver can help fix the problem when it crashes

A few other tips for hanging apps

Depending on the cause of the hang, this shortcut might help or not. If it was due to the graphics drivers, restarting them without rebooting the computer should work.

But if that doesn’t work, give it a try Alt + Tab to switch to another software. If that doesn’t work, give it a try Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager and stop the pending application.

When all of the above doesn’t work, give it a try Ctrl + Alt + Del. If you are lucky, Task Manager will appear with a message that it has detected an unresponsive application. Task Manager lists the names of currently running programs, including programs that are not responding.

On the tab Processes, click the name of the program that is causing the problem, and then click the button End Task. Of course, you will lose any unsaved work in that program. (If you accidentally use a combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete somehow, press Esc to exit Task Manager and return to Windows).

If after a while Windows still does not respond, you can only force shutdown by holding down the button Power, This is also unplugged and is the last resort when the system crashes.

1. Press and hold the button Power until the computer turns off.

2. Wait for 60 seconds and restart the computer by pressing the button again Power.

3. If you are prompted to start your computer in Safe Mode or start Windows normally. Choose an option Start Windows Normally.

As mentioned above, restarting your computer will lose data and you could lose all your unsaved work.

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