If you grow horns on your head, science says it will grow logarithmic exponentially

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2021-04-01 14:29:32

The laws of mathematics seem to have been subtly hidden by God into the natural world. For example, the shells of snails and flowers of many plants are developing in a logarithmic spiral following the golden ratio.

Exponential or power previously represented the rate at which animals are extinct. The remaining proportion of plants, herbivores, and predators living on Earth also obeys a power law.

Now, new research published in the journal BMC Biology says: An exponential function is called “power cascade“can also represent the development of all structures from the horns, teeth, spines, scales, claws to the beaks of all animals that are, did, and will exist on Earth.

Using this hat to simulate animal teeth and horns, they saw it “fulfillment“With so many species from horses, cows, buffalo, to ancient sharks and tyrannos. Even the scientists say jaws”power cascade“can be used to retouch cinematic creatures like dragons in Game of Thrones to be more realistic.

In addition, this exponential function can also predict the evolution of the horn and tooth structures of the organism in the future. That means if you grow a horn on your head, scientists completely know what it will look like.

One exponential function applies to all living things

Logarithmically “power cascade“was discovered by a team of researchers at Monash University, Australia. In that, they have spent years measuring the tooth sizes of many different species of animals on Earth, and also extinct species.” like a mammoth or dinosaur.

After synchronizing these measurements, they suddenly discovered that when taking the decimal logarithm of the tooth radius and the distance from the base to the tip in all stages of their development, a linear function would be obtained.

This function is rewritten as follows: log ten (Radius) = Slope × log ten (Distance) +Intercept

With the Radius being the tooth radius, Slope is the slope, Distance is the distance to the tip and Intercept is the intercept of the tooth from wide to narrow.

If you grow horns on your head, science says it will elongate logarithmically - Picture 2.

If you grow horns on your head, the horn should look like this

The scientists named this function ” power cascade“good“Exponential waterfall“because the surface area of ​​an animal’s teeth will decrease very quickly like a waterfall, from the base to the tip obeys this exponential.

To test the function’s accuracy, they tried it out on the teeth of giant sharks, tyrannosaurs, mammoths, and humans. The results are all correct. “We were shocked to find it in almost every place in the realm of life – from living animals to those that have been extinct for millions of years. “, said associate professor, Dr. Alistair Evans at Monash University.

Even more surprising, this rule also works for the claws, hooves, horns, spider fangs, snail shells, antlers and beaks of mammals, birds and dinosaurs. We even observed it in the horns of a Triceratops dinosaur skeleton on display at the Melbourne Museum. “

This exponential function can predict the teeth and horns of all animals

Explaining why all of these structures evolved in a common shape, Dr. Evans guessed it was because the teeth, forests, claws and beaks of many creatures all evolved to perform the same task. . It is stabbed into the prey’s body to pierce its flesh.

Exponential development “power cascade“will help them get the optimal surface area and slope to penetrate the target.

If you have horns on your head, it should look like this

If you grow horns on your head, science says it will elongate logarithmically - Picture 4.

Talking about the implications of this finding, Dr. Evans says the first thing that comes to mind is that it could help predict the age of organisms. Since the shape of the teeth or horns depends on how long they were grown and also the exponential, knowing either, we can calculate the age of the organism whether it is alive or dead.

“Then after that, it could help us think about how organism evolution might play out.“, said Dr. Evans.”Animal evolution is often thought to include a lot of “random” factors. This makes it difficult to know exactly what animals will look like many millennia from now. ”

But with the function “power cascade “We can at least predict the shapes of structures like the teeth or horns of future organisms.

If you grow horns on your head, science says it will elongate logarithmically - Picture 5.

“We can even apply this cascade of power to imagine the shapes of the teeth, horns and claws of mythical creatures”, added Dr. Evans. “In other words, we can now design the Game of Thrones dragons and the amazing beasts in Harry Potter to be as real as possible.

And what if a horn grows out of your head? Logarithmically “power cascade“Also predictable tells you what it will look like.” Human cuckold may be an unlikely reality, but at least we will know the shape of that horn if one day it does appear.“said Dr. Evans.

ReferTheconversation, Sciencealert

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