If you see these signs on the phone, beware that you may be installed by tracking software

If you see these signs on the phone, beware that you may be installed by tracking software

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2021-05-14 07:18:03

Battery life drops rapidly

Spyware is one of those software that uses a lot of your phone’s resources. Therefore, when the machine installs this software, the battery capacity of the device decreases very quickly. Because it needs to collect information about data, locate, or manipulate users …

If you find that your phone suddenly drains the battery much faster than before, check carefully again.

Mobile data runs out quickly

Apps that eavesdrop or spy on users often need to be constantly updated and send data continuously back to the attacker’s server. So it will consume more 3G / 4G capacity. In case your data access capacity package runs out faster while manipulating and usage needs do not change, you should also check if your device is being monitored by software.

The device is running slowly, the device is hot

The tracking software will work continuously so your device will heat up and slow down. You should be aware of this.

The phone makes a strange sound

Pay attention when making a call with someone else, if you hear a pip or unusual sound while talking, chances are you are being eavesdropped. These volumes are usually very small, so please pay attention during use.

Some other unusual signs

Pay attention to how often your phone reboots. Or notice messages or messages with strange characters, or software that you haven’t installed … All of these signs are suspicious. Your job is to check if the machine has installed wiretapping software or not.

How to limit software eavesdropping and monitoring

If not necessary, limit the installation of unknown apps, apps outside of the App Store and Google Play. Go to the installation section and remove any suspicious and unused software.

Another way is to factory reset. This will help bring the machine back to the factory state and remove simple spyware.


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