If you used wasabi in soy sauce when eating sushi, you have eaten this Japanese dish the wrong way

If you used wasabi in soy sauce when eating sushi, you have eaten this Japanese dish the wrong way

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2021-05-07 08:47:50

Normally, when going to sushi restaurants, diners enjoy this dish according to the following process: pour soy sauce into a small plate, add a little wasabi and stir well, then use chopsticks to lift pieces. nigiri (topping) put on top shari (rice mixed with vinegar), then dab on a plate of soy sauce.

However, according to a news widely shared in Japan recently, if you ever do this, you have committed a culinary taboo that gourmets must adhere to. Sushi Sasaya Korin, a sushi restaurant in the Pontocho district of Kyoto, is one of many establishments that believe that wasabi should not be mixed with soy sauce. The upscale Itamae Sushi Edo in Tokyo’s Minato ward has a similar opinion.

The reason why this practice is discouraged is because dissolving wasabi in soy sauce is said to not only spoil the soy sauce, but also reduce the spiciness and aroma of the wasabi.

When wasabi is dissolved in soy sauce, it is considered “vulgar” by culinary experts.

Even the act of mixing wasabi with soy sauce has its own name “wasabi joyu”, a combination of the words “wasabi” and “shoyu” which in Japanese means soy sauce. From the Sushi Sasaya Korin ‘s point of view, “wasabi joyu” is a violation of etiquette not only for sushi but to all Japanese dishes in general as these two must always be enjoyed separately.

The representative of Itamae Sushi Edo believes that wasabi should be applied directly to the fish, especially in the case of fatty fish such as chuutoro (medium-fat tuna) and ootoro (tuna portion high fat), because wasabi helps to neutralize fat, making it taste even and delicious.

And a recent survey of 15,558 Japanese diners found that only 6,347 people (40.8%) said they always put wasabi in fish and their sushi was never eaten like “wasabi joyu”. However, 4,317 people (27.75%) said they had mixed wasabi with soy sauce and 4,894 people (31.46%) said they would do it depending on the situation. Survey results show that this habit has become increasingly popular.

News of the “wasabi joyu” violation of food and drink etiquette quickly stirred up social media in Japan, with countless comments left such as:

“Really? I didn’t know about this rule!”

“I think blending is becoming more and more popular. Food etiquette should change over time to reflect current trends.”

“Good sushi restaurants all put wasabi in sushi if needed, so you don’t need to add anything yourself.”

“Most people go to cheap sushi conveyor chain restaurants so they can eat it any way they like.”

If you ever mixed wasabi into soy sauce when eating sushi, you ate this Japanese dish the wrong way - Photo 2.

Rice kaisendon, where you can mix soy sauce into wasabi and pour into a bowl.

However, there is actually a dish where “wasabi joyu” is not only accepted but encouraged, it is when eating kaisendon. This is a traditional Japanese rice dish, consisting of a bowl of rice mixed with raw seafood called Sashimi. Experts all recommend that wasabi should be placed in a small plate, mixed with soy sauce and poured on a bowl of rice before eating.

So next time you eat sushi under the eyes of a fastidious Japanese chef, remember to keep your wasabi and soy sauce separate. However, if you are having dinner at a normal conveyor belt sushi restaurant, where no one cares how you eat, then that is when all the traditional rules were thrown. out the window.

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