If you want to be a data scientist, learn these 3 languages ​​now!

If you want to be a data scientist, learn these 3 languages ​​now!


2021-03-29 05:33:15

The demand for recruiting developers with data science skills continues to soar. Here’s what you need to learn to have a solid career in the industry.

Want to expand your skills in the tech sector? According to Shu Wu, Director of Indeed Prime, “There is a growing demand for developers with data science skills, along with a tremendous growth over the past four years in science-related recruiting jobs. data (data science) “.

Director Shu Wu said: “The job prospects are huge, data science is a job with an attractive salary but the competition is fierce. A data scientist is excellent if they are experts in data verification, but the one who can make data ‘easily digestible’ across the entire organization is top notch “.

Karen Panetta, IEEE Fellow and Head of Advanced Engineering at Tufts University said: “Technological advances and the enormous amount of online data available are impacting each sector and having a huge impact on the economy. This has been referred to as the ‘data storm’, not only by the enormous amount of data, but also by the rate of change, growth and the variety of data available. “.

Karen Panetta added: “Knowing how to use traditional spreadsheets and databases is not going to be enough in the emerging Big Data revolution. Analyzes need to be completed in real time, when decisions can be affected. Knowing how to use the software tools is only part of the challenge. Understanding data in many fields, being able to convey its meaning and being able to use statistical data will be the factors that make a difference compared to traditional data ”.

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In terms of learning a programming language that allows you to work with data, “The standard for any language is to find something and do it now”said Forrester analyst Mike Facemire. “The great thing about coding is that when you do something wrong, you have a great experience.”. Facemire recommends visiting Github to see examples and find a dataset that interests you and learn to analyze it.

Facemire says: “After all, it’s more important to understand how to solve the problem by breaking it down into smaller problems than knowing the language. After all, it’s just a way to interact with the computer. The computer doesn’t care what language you use, it cares more about you breaking down the problem properly and properly solving it for a good result.

“A number of educational institutions have created courses in data science, including Northeastern University, Boston University, CUNY, and Merrimack College. Some also offer online courses, programs and programs. low cost seminars through the IEEE Computer Association, “said Panetta.

If you want to pursue a career in data science, you should consider learning one of these three languages:

1. R

Language R

“R is a language and framework used by data miners to develop software for statistics and data analysis”, Panetta said.

The language has seen tremendous growth as data analysis and data science have become more popular in recent years. However, its popularity has decreased a bit. R contains tools built for data scientists with extensions and plugins specific to that purpose.

Panetta says: “It’s important to learn a language like R to understand basic math skills. It would be a disaster if we just believe in the results of the software without knowing what we’re measuring and don’t understand the input we provide.


“Python is a fairly powerful, multi-purpose programming language and includes tools that can be applied to environments requiring visualization that can appear on web pages or on the phone. It’s also easy. read more than R “Facemire said.

If you are in the moment thinking about choosing your job, “I want to be data scientist – what language should I learn?”. Take both R and Python into consideration and see which language is right for you. Both are possible. Firms generally do not prefer a language prior to examining the skills of a data scientist.

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The Java programming language recently ranked one of the most loved and most versatile languages ​​to write about, based on a survey from WP Engine. It is also a multi-purpose programming language, designed specifically to be as little implementation dependent as possible. It can be used to build anything, especially scalable platforms, multithreads, and strong user platforms.

“Java is an interpreted language – unlike C and C ++, Java does not require a low level of hardware understanding”, Panetta said. That makes Java more accessible to those studying outside of computer science and engineering. According to Indeed, Java is also the most requested programming language in tech job postings.

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