“If you want to get rich, invest in these 3 coins”

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2021-03-22 22:13:53

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Crypto trader and analyst Ben Armstrong says there are three NFT coins that investors should not ignore at this time.

* Note: the article is based on the author’s personal opinion, not considered an investment recommendation *

Recently, in a video posted on the youtube channel “BitBoy Crypto”, Armstrong said “The following three cryptocurrencies will be the ticket to help investors become rich in this bull run ”.

Chiliz (CHZ) was the first coin that he said investors should consider investing.

CHZ is a coin that is no stranger to investors, because in the past it has been one of the most prominent names, with a huge increase.

But why did you choose this coin, one coin has x many times?

“Recently CHZ has increased strongly but that is not all, next time it will make a much more impressive breakthrough”

“From some recent news I learned that Chiliz was ready to jump into the soccer league, the National Football Federation (NFL) in the US. They also recently opened an office in New York, which coincidentally is where almost every major sports league including the NFL has their main office.

“CHZ is in the top 38 right now but I think it won’t take long for it to reach the top 20 on CoinmarketCap, just wait and see …”

Coming in at second place was copper that Armstrong had to say, “Wish I invested in it sooner“, That is ECOMI (OMI).

ECOMI has an active app called VeVe, which sells digital collections. VeVe is said to have partnerships with comic book franchises such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as sports leagues like the NFL and Major League Baseball (MLB).

“OMI will be the currency of the VeVe application, which will be used to purchase these digital collections. As the NFT market explodes, the companies that are legal with digital collections are sure to be the biggest winners.

The last coin Armstrong recommends investors to consider right now is Ethernity (ERN).

As for Ethernity (ERN), Armstrong asserted “This is number one overall in terms of NFT. It will definitely surpass many other top names in Top NFT Coin ”.

“ERN, I believe this is a very potential project both in the short and long term, behind it are many companies and some famous people involved, that’s why I am investing here. “

“Ethernity just launched not long ago and there have been some adjustments in the past few days. Looking at what the hottest NFT projects have been doing over the past few weeks, it’s easy to see why the ERN has so much potential. ”

“Some of the big names that are working with Ethernity include Philadelphia 76ers owner Michael Rubin, skateboard legend Tony Hawk and football stars like Paolo Maldini and Christian Vieri …”

“It would be flawed without mentioning the strategic partnership of Ethernity and Terra Virtua (TVK), another leading NFT market. In my opinion, these are the two projects that will lead the NFT market up and Ethernity is for me the most worth investing in at the moment ”

* Note: the article is based on the author’s personal opinion, not considered an investment recommendation *

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