If you want to take good photos on your iPhone, immediately pocket these 5 tips

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2021-11-25 00:32:06

1. Use grid mode when shooting

When grid mode is on, the screen will show a 3 x 3 grid when you start the camera. This mode makes it easy to create golden ratio photos. At the same time, the grid also helps you to symmetrically compose your photos to create the most balanced and beautiful photos.

To install the grid mode on the iPhone camera, do the following: Go to Setting -> choose Camera -> choose Net.

When you want to turn it off, you just need to go to the settings to choose again.

2. Use Auto HDR mode

To get good photos, keep in mind the HDR mode, especially when shooting in backlit mode. With this feature, you can easily get well-balanced photos for the skin tone of the person being captured and the background.

Setting up automatic HDR mode is quite simple. You just need to go to the Setting -> Camera -> Turn on HDR automatically up and done.

3. Use filters on camera

Another trick to help you get great photos on your iPhone is to use filters on the camera. To activate this mode, select the icon in the corner of the photo section of the Camera application. On iPhone there are many beautiful filters with shimmering backgrounds. Here you are free to be creative with the style you like.

4. Lock the focus when shooting

The iPhone’s camera has the ability to focus on the subject and remove the surrounding background. This feature is very interesting when you are shooting alone or with few people. However, it can make you a little uncomfortable when taking pictures of many people. As it may degrade the image quality when you change the focus object. So you can turn this feature off in some cases to get a more stable picture.

5. Exposure Adjustment

Bright balance mode helps you create beautiful photos on iPhone. However, this mode is suitable for shooting in low-light conditions, and in over-light conditions, the photo is easy to burn. Therefore, you need to adjust the exposure mode to make the photo look softer. To customize this mode you just need to go to the focus section and swipe up or down to adjust the exposure.


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