iFixit “dissected” the new generation MacBook Pro, scoring only 4/10 points for repair

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2021-11-02 19:33:49

(CHK) As promised before, iFixit has shared the whole process of “unpacking” the new generation MacBook Pro. Overall, repairability on this new generation receives a much higher score.

In the video posted by iFixit, we can clearly see all of the “interior” of the MacBook Pro, as well as the stages of lifting components – from the battery, trackpad to the keyboard, fan blades, speakers and speakers. whole screen. Notably, the display cable has a completely new design.


Although there are many improvements in the interior arrangement and is considered to be easier to disassemble and repair, the new MacBook Pro still has some quite difficult points to fix. For example, 4 external batteries have white pull tabs to pull up very easily (similar to iPhone and MacBook Air), but to lift the largest battery in the middle, you have to remove the trackpad to pull the two pull tabs hidden underneath.

  • To pull out the middle battery sticker, the trackpad needs to be lifted first

And some other “difficult points” can be mentioned such as the pentalobe screw, the case is difficult to open, the screen cannot be replaced without losing the true tone, and the Touch ID cannot be replaced.

Finally, iFixit “grades” the repairability score for the new generation MacBook Pro with a score of 4/10 – a not high number but still superior to 1/10 of the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro (the Intel processor version). ).

Watch iFixit’s video here:


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