Impressive change, easy to “usurp” Hyundai Accent

Impressive change, easy to “usurp” Hyundai Accent

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2023-02-23 10:14:39

Recently, the information that Honda City 2023 facelift is about to be launched has attracted the attention of many consumers. However, before that, Honda City 2023 only appeared with a well-camouflaged appearance and not many car parameters were revealed. Until recently, the Autocar site revealed the clearest images of the upcoming Honda City 2023.

Based on these images, it can be seen that the appearance of Honda City 2023 has been significantly refined. Accordingly, on the front, the refreshed Honda City 2023 will have a thin chrome border on the new grille. The grille of the Honda City 2023 has a honeycomb design similar to the current City RS but has a significantly larger texture.

While the City facelift will have a lower back intake like the current model, the design is new, with the model now getting a new look for the lower air intake. In addition, the Honda City 2023 also has new front fog lights, reminiscent of the current Honda Civic line. At the rear, the Honda City 2023 is equipped with a larger and more angular rear diffuser, giving it a more aggressive appearance.

Stepping inside, it seems that Honda City 2023 has not changed much, at least according to these leaked photos. The beige interior on the Honda City 2023 will be reserved for the Indian market; while the version for the Southeast Asian market will have a more impressive all-black cabin. The Honda City 2023 may receive some updates such as wireless chargers and ventilated seats, matching its rivals.

Powertrain options are not expected to change. The popular B-segment model is offered with a range of engines, including a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder (121 PS, 145 Nm), a two-motor petrol-electric engine 1 .5 liter (109 PS, 253 Nm), as well as the turbocharged 1.0 liter three-cylinder (122 PS, 173 Nm).

The B-segment race is definitely heating up as Toyota just launched the D92A/AC100 Vios a few months ago and Nissan is developing an upgraded Almera. Honda City 2023 is definitely necessary for Honda to remain competitive in this fiercely competitive segment. According to the plan, Honda can launch the upgraded City as early as early March with an undisclosed price.

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