In just one year Bitcoin ATMs covered the whole United States

In just one year Bitcoin ATMs covered the whole United States


2021-03-27 05:33:01

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From grocery stores, gas stations, to restaurants in the US … there are Bitcoin ATMs ready to serve the needs of users, helping people to buy and sell with electronic money and withdraw cash.

According to a source from Reuters, in just a year thanks to the Bitcoin bull run, Bitcoin ATMs were enabled to cover all over America.

Bitcoin ATM installers such as CoinFlip and Coin Cloud have built thousands of machines around New York, Carolina, and Montana and are continuing to expand into other regions.

Quad Coin founder Mark Shoiket said, “The demand is huge, everywhere people want to use Bitcoin” and during a survey in Carolina, Shoiket said that seven regions have been found. to install Bitcoin ATMs.

It is not natural that Americans increasingly want to use Bitcoin ATMs, there are many different purposes, such as wanting to withdraw cash, transfer money abroad … and most importantly, these transactions are completely anonymous.

CipherTrace CFO, Pamela Clegg, said the fee ranges from 6-20% of the total transaction and the fee will not be fixed, it will vary depending on the location and the unit where the Bitcoin ATM is installed.

Pamela Clegg said that the Bitcoin ATM market has grown very strongly in recent times, and the habit of using machines has also increased gradually compared to before.

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According to CoinATMRadar, Bitcoin ATMs are now available in every state across the US, except Alaska and Washington. There are many Bitcoin ATMs installed at gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants. Even in rural Pennsylvania there are Bitcoin ATMs.

The Bitcoin ATM installation company, Coin Cloud, says it has installed 1,470 machines across the US and plans to have 10,000 by the end of the year.

While CoinFlip also did not give up when the announcement had installed 1,800 machines. “We charge 6.99% if customers buy cryptocurrency, and 4.99% if they sell for cash,” said CoinFlip CEO.

Bitcoin ATM maker General Bytes said “we are not in time to produce and must report to be out of stock from here until August”.

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