“In order to escape losses and stay in the market, businesses must quickly convert successfully”

“In order to escape losses and stay in the market, businesses must quickly convert successfully”


2022-07-21 07:09:59

As the top 3 vendors of sales and marketing software in Vietnam and sponsored by the “big man” VCCorp, Bizfly is in a persistent, determined, committed and pioneering position in the long-term college journey. Bizfly CEO Nguyen Thuy Dung has candidly shared valuable information about this trend.

Digital Transformation – Irreversible trends and new “faces”

College has always been a phrase for “big man”, but in the past few years, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been developing explosively, demonstrating their competitiveness and advantages that are no less competitive when Leveraging digital technology to transform business. What do you think is the cause?

For shareholders in general and in the field of martech & salestech in particular, the above trend is affirming the strong wave of shareholders’ impact on the market that has a clear correlation with customers, who directly generate revenue for the community. enterprise.

It can be said that the CD market is being likened to a continuous wave that hits new audiences. In my opinion, the market is no longer a playground only for the big guys. The market is emerging that the old giants with deep and complex specialties that require very high human expertise have now been digitized.

In that wave of transformation, Bizfly has a great opportunity to join the pie of providing sales and marketing software. Currently, the Vietnamese market has many providers of this service, but it is still fragmented. Each name is dividing each other into small parts in these stages. There are few companies in the market that can do many technology solutions at the same time, because it requires a lot of investment of financial resources and very high technology. So each tool will have a small business in charge according to its capacity and forte. But this makes the market fragmented and asynchronous, making it difficult for customers to apply synchronously.

Therefore, our vision is to create a complete, complete set of solutions to meet all stages when customers have needs. In terms of technology, Bizfly is a potential technology company in Vietnam to be able to do that to the end. We will invest a big hit to do it all.

Thus, Bizfly’s investor file for shareholders is very diverse. But where are the most active “stars” in the market, and why?

We will approach and provide sales and marketing software for all businesses from start to finish. Currently, customers focus on industry groups whose driving force is likely to grow strongly during this period.

What we have witnessed in the market in the past 2 years, it is clear that a series of industry groups will spend a lot of money on colleges and do it successfully such as: Real Estate, Consumer, Automotive – Vehicle Computers, FMCG, healthcare, education, schools with the rise of e-learning…

If you observe in the past 10 years, which business has the fastest growth rate, they will spend the most money on promotion, sales and marketing.

In the past, there were large enterprises, no matter how they developed, they had a few digital transformation projects. But they take 3-5 years to complete. But it can be seen that many businesses have realized that the passion in sales and marketing needs to be deployed quickly, it lives with the breath of the market. When they see an opportunity to increase revenue for the business, they will immediately go to buy tools, to grow 2-3 times.

In addition, businesses that are experiencing supply chain disruptions and sales slowdowns will shift from offline to online. Typically, the pharmaceutical industry has been investing heavily in sales and marketing software in the past 2 years. Maybe in the future, online will be the main sales channel for pharmaceutical businesses.

So how does Bizfly have a sales strategy to “knock down” customers quickly?

We have a pretty pragmatic strategy. Because Bizfly inherits strengths from technology – communication of parent company VCCorp. We choose to do what we are good at. It’s technology – communication, marketing and sales. So Bizfly sells the most suitable sales and marketing tools on the market. We also have the ability to reach a fairly wide audience. Our tools when offered to customers can be applied immediately within 1 month or from March onwards and will certainly have a certain effect on businesses.

“Cost is not a barrier, the most important thing for businesses to keep up with and meet the needs of customers”

Bizfly CEO Nguyen Thuy Dung:

The fact has proven that loyalty is motivated based on the change in the tastes of customers?

Digital transformation is the process by which companies change their business models to suit new market realities. Interestingly, it is not the company leaders who push their businesses to this change. Instead, this change is driven by a change in customer tastes.

Today, customers expect products to suit their tastes. This product they must be visible at all times, everywhere and on any medium they have. This process is the “voice” that opens the digital transformation strategy in all businesses, requiring businesses to keep up with customers and embrace new technology to bring customers experiences they have never seen before. ever had before.

That shows that they – business owners have to quickly digitalize before the business starts a loss-making business. There are solutions to help them quickly do that.

Colleges have completely changed the habits of consumers. Mobile devices, apps, machine learning, automation give customers access to what they want when they need it. Due to increased access opportunities from the use of modern technology, customers often judge organizations and businesses by customer experience first.

To meet the needs of new buyers, how should businesses change the way they interact with their customers?

First, the audience requires businesses to rethink how they interact with their customers.

Specifically, for B2B sales teams, CS means replacing random solicitation calls with the use of media (Social Selling). Customers are usually very active on social media and that’s where you need to be. Instead of waiting for customers to contact you first, you need to reach out, build relationships and convey information to them.

For the marketing team, CDS first and foremost means reducing costs for offline marketing activities, such as direct mail, billboards, and TV commercials. Customers want and expect messages with high conveyance. This can only be achieved through a marketing strategy that uses data. Businesses need to use digital channels to execute their search engine marketing, account-based marketing, and email marketing strategies.

For the customer service team, instead of waiting for customers to call or fax, proactively help customers who use multiple channels to seek support. Social media, review sites, forums, and communities are now part of the customer service ecosystem.

There are many reasons why many businesses succeed while others fail. In your opinion, in order for this process to take place successfully, the business needs to start from where?

Strategy is the first thing that any business that wants to do digital transformation must do.

The global market is facing too much volatility due to sudden transformation and innovation in technology. Even for companies that have been established for a long time, the operation process is facing problems as new technology emerges and competes with the traditional way of doing business.

With the application of new ideas to the market, companies need a long-term strategy to adapt, compete and survive in this new landscape. Typically, a digital strategy begins by asking three basic questions, like: Where are we today? Where do we want to be tomorrow? What are we going to do to get there? Specifically, I think, businesses need to redraw the customer journey, create a dynamic IT working environment, personalize the experience with a seamless omni-channel strategy.

Bizfly CEO Nguyen Thuy Dung:

To prove that digital transformation is not as expensive as people think, how does Bizfly provide customers with cost-effective solutions?

Businesses can choose to buy tools quarterly, buy online at a very reasonable cost. And we have tools with very affordable unit prices from 300,000 VND/month – 10 million/month.

That price is very easy for businesses to make a buying decision. But for such low-cost product packaging, the supplier must be able to integrate multiple solutions at the same time. But Vietnamese or Asian people in general don’t like to use many kinds of tools, but Europeans and Americans soon automate what tools they use.

I firmly assert that cost is not a barrier in using digital transformation sales and marketing software. The problem is how to apply that tool in business, promote sales and growth as expected of the new business is the most difficult.

In addition, this whole market needs to be concerned that instead of selling tools, they sell data and consulting services to guide businesses step by step to apply that tool successfully. Service providers must accompany customers, know in detail whether the application stages are correct or not, are there any problems? Those questions determine whether businesses have successful sales and marketing software applications.

In particular, personnel in this industry still need more time to mature and develop into a larger community.

Many Vietnamese businesses have known the famous tool in the world, Salesforce. This is the world’s best tool for Digital Marketing. However, in order to use it, users must obtain 4 certificates, while the number of people in Vietnam who have achieved that certificate is counted on the fingers.

I think when the maturity of the market in general and the level of personnel to act as a dealer for each customer is not enough, service providers like us need to consult closely and accompany customers. However, I think this time business owners need to quickly convert to success before starting a losing business, even having to leave the market.

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