In turn, Elon Musk opened the NFT for sale, immediately being paid for $ 275,000

In turn, Elon Musk opened the NFT for sale, immediately being paid for $ 275,000


2021-03-22 20:21:04

As NFT takes the throne, the game is becoming more and more exciting than ever in the crypto market. Certainly “special person” Elon Musk will not be absent from this list. Recently, the billionaire system “players” officially opened the sale of NFT and the result has attracted a lot of attention from the community.

Beeple’s “Non-Fungible Elons”

In a tweet on March 16, Elon Musk said he would be selling a music-themed NFT, with lyrics based on hype around technology: The video clip plays a song featuring a pair of hands. the outlines below the moon with the Shiba Inu dogs, most likely a reference to Dogecoin or the recently emerging SHIBA INU token.

Musk’s work is currently listed as one NFT on the Valuables platform. Less than an hour after Musk released the song, the NFT price jumped from $ 3 to $ 275,000. Valuables is also where the Twitter CEO chose to sell his first tweet as an NFT, currently being paid for $ 2.5 million.

In turn, Elon Musk opened the sale of the NFT, immediately being paid for $ 275,000

Account @mondoir – a Bitcoiner in Iran, assumes that we all know Elon Musk will never sell or accept offers to sell his tweets. Musk’s offer to buy tweets is just an entertaining move. @Mondoir himself had previously offered $ 100,000 for this tweet.

Although it is unclear what Musk’s intention is to launch the NFT, the launch of the NFT may involve the actions of CEO and CFO of Tesla simultaneously changing positions to “King of Technology”, “General Manager On March 15.

As of the evening of March 16, Elon Musk’s NFT was being paid for $ 1.1 million by a named user @sinaEstavi. Notably, this is also the person who is bidding $ 2.5 million for the first tweet by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.


On the morning of March 17, Elon Musk unexpectedly posted an announcement on Twitter that he would no longer open the NFT for sale, as expected by many.

“Actually, I don’t feel like selling this NFT is right. I will disregard all requests for purchase. ”

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