Individual investors are more optimistic about ADA than BTC

Individual investors are more optimistic about ADA than BTC


2021-03-26 00:06:27

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Retail investors in the US are now more optimistic about Cardano’s ADA than on top cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), according to a recent survey by crypto broker Voyager Digital. .

The survey found that 31.9% of investors polled were “most optimistic” for Cardano, while 22.2% chose BTC over ADA. The results come after Cardano hit an all-time high at nearly $ 1.5 last month, quickly becoming the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

To quote Steve Ehrlich, CEO of Voyager Digital:

Of course, everyone is talking about Bitcoin these days, but seeing Cardano come ahead was a big surprise for us.

Ehrlich added that besides BTC, investors are also feeling “most optimistic” on Ethereum (12.2%) and Polkadot (6.3%). For the CEO, the results show that the diversity of the crypto ecosystem has grown, as investors have more assets to choose from.

The survey polled 1,385 investors in the United States and found the majority expected bitcoin’s price to trade between $ 51,000 and $ 60,000 by the end of this month, with 80% of respondents. intends to buy more BTC in the month.

As reported, searches for cryptocurrencies surpassed their 2017 highs last month and have continued to rise ever since. Google searches for a cryptocurrency are often used to measure individual investor interest.

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