Infinito Wallet, The First Mobile Wallet to Support ADA!

Infinito Wallet, The First Mobile Wallet to Support ADA!


2021-03-23 08:44:36

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Infinito Wallet Sincerely announce, with the update 1.15.0, the wallet will help users send, receive and check the transaction history of ADA safely!

This new support tick mark one step further cInfinito Wallet in the crypto world: First mobile wallet to support ADA. Continue to reinforce our vision – to become the world’s leading mobile wallet, the only safe place for all coins and tokens.

Infinito Wallet – The First Mobile Wallet to Support ADA

Currently, there is only one exclusive desktop version wallet that supports ADA Daedalus, officially developed by the Cardano team. To promote the use of ADA in the community with a mobile wallet solution, Infinito Wallet aims to be the perfect mobile choice for end users to securely and conveniently send and receive ADA. convenient. In addition, according to the roadmap, this Mobile Wallet also plans to support unique features of the Cardano blockchain including staking. Ouroboros.

With the addition of ADA, Infinito Wallet is currently the world’s most popular common home for hundreds of thousands of tokens on major smart contract platforms such as ETH, EOS, NEO along with leading coins including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, ETC and Dogecoin.

The Infinito development team has been working with the technical team behind Cardano, IOHK and use Cardano Rust project official to integrate ADA seamlessly into Infinito Wallet. Thanks to this official tool, Infinito Wallet works with super light capacity and fast speed while maintaining maximum stability and security for ADA holders.

With the permission and support of IOHK, Infinito contributed code (code) to the open source Cardano Rust project to help the developer community to easily install ADA for other mobile wallets. The Infinito Wallet team will continue to contribute to Cardano’s open source community in the near future.

As one of the top third generation blockchains, Cardano is the home of the ADA copper.
This cryptocurrency represents the money of the future, allowing for fast, direct, secure transfers through the use of encryption. In order to solve the problems lingering in the crypto industry, Cardano is developing a smart contract platform to run financial applications that are currently used by individuals, organizations, and mainstream organizations on a daily basis. all over the world.

Store ADA on the Infinito Wallet

For users who have just installed Infinito Wallet for the first time, ADA will be activated on the main interface of Infinito Wallet.
As for current Infinito users, to activate ADA, you need to follow these instructions: Part 3 – How to activate new coins / tokens on the Infinito Wallet

Development roadmap of Infinito Wallet

Within the fourth quarter of 2018, Infinito Wallet will release a 2.0 update with a brand new interface, bringing a wide variety of options and enhanced user experiences, and comprehensive support for leading MainNet blockchains including Ontology, Stellar & NEM.

To provide more incentives to users, Infinito Wallet will host a number of different rewards programs including a referral program and a free Airdrop. Subscribe to Telegram groups Vietnamese, English, Japanese, or Chinese to get ready for these rewards programs, as well as stay up to date with the latest news on the wallet feature roadmap.

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Not just a leading mobile crypto wallet, Infinito Wallet also acts as a gateway for users to maximize the potential of cryptocurrencies. By selectively expanding the reach of partners, Infinito Wallet is building an ecosystem with useful blockchain services, including transactions, ID / KYC solutions and other blockchain-based services. . In addition, we also support the developer and business communities through an open blockchain architecture that includes legally secured technologies and services to enable them to develop and operate products / services. new services in a convenient and effective way.

Development team Infinito Wallet brings together blockchain experienced individuals, plus more than 70 high-quality people in the fields of programming, graphics, research / strategy, sales and customer care.

Registered in the Isle of Man, UK, Infinito Wallet is a project under Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe with the unique mission of becoming the leading crypto wallet for various user communities. .

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