Instagram allows users to comment and insert stories with GIFs

Instagram allows users to comment and insert stories with GIFs

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2023-02-18 15:46:41

Instagram has introduced a bunch of new features, including the ability to comment on posts or stories with GIFs.

Instagram has introduced a new feature that allows users to comment on stories and posts with GIFs. The GIFs used for the reply will be taken from GIPHY. Currently, Instagram users can post animated GIF stickers to their stories.

To comment with a GIF, users must enter the keyword of the GIF they are looking for in the “Send Message” or comment box, then tap the GIF icon that appears. A series of GIFs from GIPHY’s library will be displayed to the user based on the search term.

In addition to the GIF feature, Instagram has added a few other features that give the app better control:


As the name suggests, this mode mutes notifications so you can work without distractions. After enabling this feature, users will not receive any notifications until this mode is turned off. The active status will also be changed to “In silent mode” and reply automatically if a message is received. Users can time their own silent mode on schedule and when the timer ends, the app will show a summary of missed notifications.

Not interested

As the name suggests, users can select multiple posts and mark them as uninterested to hide. The Instagram algorithm will try to show less of these posts in “Discover”. To hide suggested posts, users need to go to the “Hidden words” section of Privacy settings and then enter the word, emoji, or hashtag that you don’t want to receive notifications for.


Instagram has officially introduced a new Broadcast channel creation feature, allowing creators to connect directly with their followers and share the latest with that community.

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