Instructions, drag / drop data files through applications such as on computers for iPhone and iPad users

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2021-11-04 01:38:47

(CHK) iPhone and iPad can perform drag and drop data files as convenient as on PC as long as you have iOS 15 or higher installed.

Drag and drop files, photos between applications is considered the most interesting feature that Apple added on iOS 15 update.

Just like on a desktop, with drag-and-drop support between apps, users can select images, documents, and files from one app and drag them into another. Like dragging photos from the photo app to Telegram for messaging or dragging PDF files to email to send.

To do these interesting operations, users can do the following:

  • Step 1: Tap and hold an image, text file, or file and don’t lift your finger;
  • Step 2: Use a second finger to swipe out of an app and open another app.
  • Step 3: Drop an image, text, or file to drop it into another app. Long-pressing on the content makes it appear to bulge and grip your fingers, and as the content is dragged, animations and visual cues identify possible destinations where the content can be drop.

Besides, in many apps, you can drag an item with one finger, and while dragging, select additional items by touching them with another finger.

The selected items move together and appear stacked below the finger dragging the original item. You can then drag the items as a group and drop them into another application.

Good luck.


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