Instructions for connecting MetaMask with Moonriver

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2021-08-28 07:17:10

Moonriver has successfully implemented EVM as well as Web3 compatible API and bridges connecting Moonriver to existing Ethereum (ETH) networks. The following article will guide you to connect Moonriver with MetaMask wallet in the most detail.

If you do not have a MetaMask wallet, to easily install and create a wallet as well as how to use this wallet, you can check out the following article:


What is Moonriver?

Moonrriver is a parachain that provides smart contracts developed on Kusama that makes the network compatible with tools on the Ethereum (ETH) platform. This Parachain has entered phase 4 – Full Launch on August 26, 2021, then distributed tokens MOVR for crowdloan participants as well as enable transfer and EVM functions.

the guide has met metamask with moonriver

How to connect Moonriver to MetaMask . wallet

First, you access the MetaMask wallet and then select the circle icon in the top right corner in the MetaMask wallet interface.

the guide has met metamask with moonriver

Next, select “Settings”.

guide to connect to metamask with moonriver 1

In this section, you scroll down to the bottom and you will see “Networks” and select it.

the guide to talk to metamask with moonriver 2

This is the part that needs the most attention, you must add the correct configuration of the Moonriver network. Here is its configuration, after adding it correctly you click “Save”.

  • Network Name: Moonriver
  • New RPC URLs:
  • Chain ID: 1285
  • Currency Symnol (optional): MOVR
  • Block Explorer URL (optional):

guide to using metamask with moonriver 3

Just a few simple steps above, you have successfully connected Moonriver with MetaMask wallet.


Through the above instructions, you can easily connect the Moonriver network to the MetaMask wallet to perform the functions of this wallet on the Moonriver network such as storing and withdrawing in a simple way.

WARNING: Investing in financial products carries a lot of risk that may not be suitable for some investors. Therefore, please consider carefully and control yourself before making any decisions that are made up of the contents referenced here.

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