Instructions for Deposit and Withdrawal of USDT, BTC, ETH through Vicuta

Instructions for Deposit and Withdrawal of USDT, BTC, ETH through Vicuta


2021-03-23 10:24:10

SNAPEX Floor Brief Introduction

Snapex Margin Trading is a quite famous trading floor recently in the Vietnamese CryptoCurrency community.

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Trade interface on Snapex

Snapex’s motto is always trying to upgrade and improve its services to provide the best experience for investors.

And recently, VICUTA (one of the reputable exchanges in Vietnam) has a memorandum of understanding to cooperate with Snapex. VICUTA became the only OTC unit in the Vietnamese market of Snapex in terms of liquidity.

That means you can deposit and withdraw USDT, BTC, ETH through Vicuta without transaction fees.

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Today Virtual Money Blog will show you how to deposit and withdraw USDT, BTC, ETH through Vicuta without losing FEE

Instructions for Deposit and withdrawal of USDT on Snapex Exchange through VICUTA

For anyone who does not have an account, please register first.

Then you go to the OTC area to exit as shown:

You see, for the Vietnamese market, to top up, you can choose: Simplex, MitcGlobalEx, and VICUTA.

  • Simplex: is an international unit, supports VISA, MASTER but extremely high fee of 5%.
  • MitcGlobalEx: in China, what kind of product should you buy?
  • VICUTA: newly launched, reputable service in Vietnam.

So we should only use VICUTA if you want to deposit and withdraw money on Snapex for convenience, consultation as well as zero withdrawal fee.

USDT Deposit Instructions

Step 1: You guys come in ASSET item RECHARGE to get the wallet address, OMNI good ERC20 all okay. Let’s say I get the OMNI address.

Deposit Funds On Snapex

Snapex is a USDT-denominated system, depositing into USDT as well, making profit and loss converted to USDT, so I encourage you to use USDT to deposit.

Here is my USDT-OMNI address: 17PNEs7uLKT9ATdrje2cPYWxidunm4xhqV

Step 2: You re-enter the OTC area on the Menu

Snapex OTC

Click on the “BUY” button, it will appear Vicuta’s Telegram Support. The purpose is for you to contact Vicuta’s party by telegram.

However, you can go directly to the homepage to chat with support. Or contact via Fanpage Vicuta, which way is convenient for you.

In this case, I chat with them via Telegram: (@ Vicutasp1)

Step 3: Send a message using the form below:

SNAPEX MUA: Địa chỉ ví USDT (OMNI hoặc ERC20) - số USDT cần mua (USDT)

For example: Your wallet address is 17PNEs7uLKT9ATdrje2cPYWxidunm4xhqV. You want to buy 100 USDT. You will contact the form:

SNAPEX BUY: 17PNEs7uLKT9ATdrje2cPYWxidunm4xhqV – 100 USDT

Vicuta will send their banking information along with the amount you have to transfer them to you, it’s your job to just transfer them.

For example, the current USDT price on Vicuta is: 23474 (this price will increase or decrease depending on the market price), you will need to transfer 2,347,400 to Vicuta’s bank, the text reads as “Your Phone Number – 100 “

After Vicuta receives the money transferred by you, they will transfer USDT to you.


  • The fee to deposit USDT into Snapex via Vicuta is free.
  • Deposit USDT-Omni, USDT-ERC20 only, not recharge USDT-TRC20
  • Deposit at least 50 USDT.
  • Transactions over $ 200 will require Video Call verification

USDT Withdrawal Instructions

Step 1: Exactly as the deposit, you can go to the Account Floor, Withdraw on the Menu

You chat with them via Telegram: (@ Vicutasp1), or the good fanpage of about selling USDT on Snapex.

Then you send a message using the form below:

SNAPEX BÁN: BANK -Số tài khoản ngân hàng - Tên người nhận - số USDT cần bán (USDT)

For example: Your name is Nguyen Van Teo. Your bank account number is 0501000999999. You want to sell 100 USDT. You will contact the form:

SNAPEX SALE: VCB –0501000999999 – Nguyen Van Teo – 100 USDT

Vicuta will provide their USDT-OMNI or USDT-ERC20 wallet address to you.

Step 2: You will fill in the withdrawal information

Withdraw money on Snapex
  • Address: is the address that VICUTA gives you (USDT-OMNI or USDT-ERC20)
  • Currency: USDT
  • Amount Withdrawal: the amount you have reported to Vicuta
  • Cost: 0 $
  • Go to Account: no need to notice
  • SMS code: Verification code from SMS

After successful withdrawal, VICUTA will receive the USDT you withdraw, they will pay you at the current listed rate on VICUTA.

Important Note

  • VICUTA is a partner of SNAPEX, so it will be very prestigious, you can use it with peace of mind.
  • No transaction fees are charged to depositing through VICUTA.
  • Deposit and withdrawal are instant, no waiting. That means when you switch, Vicuta receives it immediately and vice versa.
  • Withdrawing through VICUTA also has no transaction fees. (If you use another service, the withdrawal fee will be 5-10 $ for 1 withdrawal)
  • Deposit / Withdraw via VICUTA, you use OMNI or ERC20 address without losing FEE.

Instructions for Deposit Withdrawing BTC on Snapex Exchange through VICUTA

As instructed above

Instructions for Depositing ETH on Snapex Exchange through VICUTA

As instructed above


Thus, BlogTienAo guided and showed how to save money and deposit / withdraw on Snapex. The most important thing is still your margin trading experience.

The fee does not matter if you do not win, so I hope you will improve your knowledge and experience to win first. Good luck.

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