Instructions for participating in the event Earning points KuCoin Festival 3 years old

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2021-03-22 20:42:56

KuCoin Exchange is holding a 3 year old KuCoin Festival event to welcome the 3rd year of its development. In that series of events, the 3-year-old KuCoin Festival Earning event is more prominent with the chance to win a Porsche 911, iPhone, Apple Watch, … and also the IEO KuCoin Spotlight VELO purchase order.

General rules

The basic rule of this festival is that you will perform a number of assigned tasks to receive points.

Your mission status and points will be updated daily at 00:00, 08:00 and 16:00 (UTC + 8) – ie 23:00, 07:00 and 15:00 Vietnam Time.

That point can be used for two things:

  • 1) Receive “Festival Rewards”: When your score reaches a certain milestone you will be rewarded at that milestone. As shown below. (For example, if you get 150 points, you will share the prize pool of 5,000 USDT)

Point rules for “Festival Rewards”

① Users can ONLY receive rewards of the respective point level. (For example, if there are 600 end points in the event, you will only receive the GOLD level reward, not the rewards of the SILVER level passed before).

② Rewards will be distributed to account after the festival.

③ The results of lucky prizes will be announced within 7 days after the festival.

④ The reward for the top player is one year of ownership of a Porsche 911 Turbo S.

  • 2) Spin the “Lucky Spin” to receive the reward. The rules of the Lucky Wheel:

① You can join the game by clicking the buttons. For each bonus withdrawal, 20 points will be spent.

② Click the button “180 points / 10 times”, you will withdraw 10 rewards and spend 180 points. Additionally, the platform will reward you with a bag of grabs.

③ The grab bag contains any of the three coins of USDT, KCS, ADA, XRP and LUNA.

④ Forward transaction fee deduction is valid for 90 days and can be used to deduct 30% of transaction fees incurred in a forward transaction.

⑤ The “Buy 0.1 BTC with 10% discount” bonus will expire after 30 days. KuCoin will return the discount amount thereafter.

⑥ Rewards that users receive in the “Lucky Spins” will be distributed after the festival.

Guide to join the event


  • The event is only for users with KuCoin accounts so please register for a KuCoin account (support CHK ref here:
  • The event is only allowed to participate through the latest KuCoin app, please find the “KuCoin” app on the App Store or Google Play to download.

In the KuCoin application interface, log in to your KuCoin account. Then click on the banner of the Porsche car as shown below

Guide to join the event to earn points

The system will lead you to the event page, where you will see your updated score. There are times when you finish a quest, the points do not update immediately because the Mission Status and your points will be updated daily at 00:00, 08:00 and 16:00 (UTC + 8) – ie 23 : 00, 07:00 and 15:00 Vietnam time.

Point status

The “Silver” “Gold” “Platinum” “Diamond” “Master” sections are the awards as you can see in the first picture of this article.

Scroll down below, you will see each category of tasks, in each category will have small tasks, CHK will guide you in detail each item.

First, with “5 Points” – as the name implies, this section contains quests that get you 5 points after completing each task.

Mission 5 points


  • “Share Carnival Event”: You just need to click “Go Now”
  • “Join KuCoin Community”: Click “Go Now”, the system will lead you to KuCoin telegram, you can join that telegram.
  • “Futures Brawl”: Click “Go Now”, the system will lead you to the participation page of KuCoin Futures “Fighting Futures” game.

“Fighting Futures”

Where you will be paired with another user to join Bitcoin futures, choose Long or Short with them. If you choose “Long”, the system will pair with another user choose “Short”, the result will be displayed within a few minutes. It’s quite similar to guessing with other users whether BTC will go up or down in the next few minutes.

The asset used to participate is the USDT in your Futures wallet (remember to activate Futures trading in your KuCoin account before doing so).

You only need to join 1 time is ok.

For the item “15 Points” – contains quests that give you 15 points per quest:

Mission 15 points


  • P2P Trade: Click “Go Now”, the system will send you to P2P transactions with traders on KuCoin to exchange crypto with fiat money (bank transfer for VND or use USD on paypal to buy crypto). However, the P2P VND portion is currently under maintenance, so you will not be able to do it.
  • Deposit: Click “Go Now”, the system will send you to the bitcoin deposit interface, but you can click back and go back to the main screen to top up any coin with a value of at least 10 USDT. .
  • Futures Trade: “Go Now”, the system will send you to trade Futures – Trading Futures is different from “Fight Futures” above the other. Here you trade as usual as long short at any futures trading floor you have ever traded. See trading guide KuCoin Futures here.
  • Try API Trading: in this section, you must log in on KuCoin website and go to the event page Click “Go Now” of “Try API Trading” task in this section “15 Points”, the system will send you to the page ““Where you can start creating an API for API trading. For those of you who do not know how to use the API, it is advised not to do this task.

With the “Sprit” category – contains the quest for higher scoring

The Sprit quest


  • Spot Trade: For every 2,000 USDT of your spot trading volume on KuCoin, you will get 10 points. Just multiply, there is no limit. Click “Go Now” for the system to switch to Spot transaction for you to trade coin.
  • Margin Trade: Similar to the above task but here we calculate the “margin” margin, and calculate 10 points for every 1000 USDT volume.
  • Refer Friends: For every referral you get, you will get 2 points. The total points you can get from this quest is 20 points.
  • API Trading: For those who have trading volume via API reaching 1 BTC will get 40 points.

With “Projects” – contains tasks that require trading of a certain coin of some project with required volume.

Missions projects

The missions are:

  • Buy SUKU: buy SUKU / USDT with a value of at least 200 USDT
  • Buy EWT: buy EWT / USDT with value of at least 200 USDT
  • Buy KAI: buy KAI / USDT with a value of at least 200 USDT
  • Buy STX: buy STX / USDT with value of at least 200 USDT

Projects 2

  • Transaction VI: Transaction volume VI / USDT reached 500 USDT
  • WOM transactions: WOM / USDT transaction volume reaches 500 USDT
  • LYXe transaction: LYXe / USDT transaction volume reaches 500 USDT
  • SENSO transactions: SENSO / USDT transaction volume reaches 500 USDT

Finally, scroll down to see the “Lucky Wheel”.

Rotation luck

So through this article, CHK hope you have more information about the 3-year-old KuCoin Festival Earning event to be able to receive attractive prizes from this event.

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