Instructions for playing the Olympic-themed Doodle Island Championship game just introduced by Google

Instructions for playing the Olympic-themed Doodle Island Championship game just introduced by Google


2021-07-23 02:32:10

Google Doodle is a general term for special themed icons, created by Google engineers as a temporary replacement for the icon on their search homepage to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, achievements, and more. achievements and people. It can be said that this is a “culture feature” of Google.

Normally, Google Doodles are just simple themed images, but with a major global event like the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Mountain View engineers have created a game called “Champion Island” ( Doodle Champion Island Sports Festival), hidden as a Doodle image on the Google homepage that everyone can experience. It is also one of the most sophisticated Doodle games ever created.

Different from the usual simple one-click games from Google, “Champion Island” is a role-playing game that contains a series of mini-games and areas to explore, with cute graphics, single-player gameplay. simple, and all inspired by this year’s Olympics.

Champion Island is available on the Google homepage starting July 23, 2021, the same day as the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Alternatively, you can also experience the game on the Google Doodle blog.

So what exactly is Champion Island like? How interesting? Let’s find out together!

The game begins with you playing the role of a cat “Lucky the Ninja Cat”. After passing the first minigame, you are asked to join any team — Red (Red), Blue (Blue), Yellow (Yellow) or Green (Green). There is a global leaderboard that shows which team is winning, so make your choices wisely.

Once you’ve joined a team, the idea is to find the “champions” of each sport and challenge them to mini-games. These champions draw inspiration from Japanese history and folklore. Matches will be introduced with fun animated cutscenes.

In total, there are seven mini games in Champion Island, including table tennis, rugby, running, swimming and climbing. In addition to those games, there are side quests and pretty much anything else cool. Overall, there is a lot to explore in Champion Island, so it can be a companion to keep us entertained during working days from home.

Join the competition

As mentioned, when you choose a team, you are joining a global team. Your progress and success in the game will contribute to the overall score of the team. The Olympics is a global event and Champion Island is also a global event.

Scores of teams

Visit the Google Doodle blog for more details on the game. Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!


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