Instructions for sharing documents in Microsoft Teams for teachers

Instructions for sharing documents in Microsoft Teams for teachers

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2021-05-11 16:58:02

Document sharing in Microsoft Teams is a feature that is supported for both teachers and students when learning online on Microsoft Teams on the computer or online learning Microsoft Teams on the phone. When teachers share documents on Microsoft Teams study groups, students will easily keep track of the learning materials and research that teachers have uploaded. Students can also submit assignments on Microsoft Teams through this document sharing feature. The following article will guide you through how to share documents in Microsoft Teams.

How to share files in Microsoft Teams

Step 1:

First of all the teachers access Group item on Microsoft Teams, then tap group where I want to share learning materials and research documents up.

In the group view, the teacher clicked File item as shown below.

Step 2:

Now show the File management interface on Teams. Teachers click a drop-down arrow icon next to New and will see the file format options for the upload. In addition, teachers can click on the Directory to create a document folder so that students can quickly access each folder.

Create folder

Step 3:

In the file directory, you just need to Click Upload then select the file type you want to upload, or upload a documents folder. Teachers can upload multiple documents at the same time to save time and manipulate.

Upload the file

Step 4:

At each uploaded document, teachers click 3 dot icon and will display a list of options as shown below.

File options

Especially the teachers have documents can be edited right in Teams by clicking Open and then select Edit in Teams. If you choose Open with an application, the file is opened with the application on your computer and opened in the browser through Office online services.

Open the document

Step 5:

Display document editing interface, for example with Excel file as shown below. Teachers will have a full interface to edit documents.

Editing interface

Step 6:

After uploading the material, the teacher go back to Posts to access the online learning interface on Microsoft Teams. In the chat frame, the teacher interface to File icon then choose Browse groups and channels. Or click Upload from my computer if you want to download files directly from the computer.

Download the file

Step 7:

This time displays the document folders that the teacher has uploaded. Teachers click the folder containing the documents you want to download. Show folders with all documents.

Choose a folder

Click on the document you want to send to students, then click Share link to post to the class is fine.

Share documents


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