Instructions on how to check and set the IP address for the printer

Instructions on how to check and set the IP address for the printer


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Some current printer lines such as Canon, HP, Samsung, … have added features connected to the network, allowing users to easily share documents and especially wireless printing. via smartphone, laptop, tablet quickly. And to be able to set up the printer’s WiFi connection, users need the printer’s IP address. So how can I check the printer IP address?

1. How to check printer IP address

Find the printer’s IP address using the Control Panel

Usually, the best solutions in Windows 10 are not in the new settings and interfaces that the operating system is trying to direct users to, but in the “classic” things. And so, the best way to find your printer’s IP address is with Control Panel.

Click Start, search “Control panel”, then click Control Panel when it is found. Click “Devices and Printers”, then find the printer with the IP you want, right-click on it and select Properties.

Select Properties

Click the tab “Web Services”, then write down the IP address shown at the bottom of the window.

Click the
Click the “Web Services” tab.

Find the printer’s IP address using Printer Properties

Whether the printer is turned on or not, you can easily find its IP address (or WSD address) in Windows 10. Press the Win key from the screen, then type “Printer” and click “Printers & scanners”.

Click “Printers & scanners”
Click “Printers & scanners”

Click the printer for which you want to know the IP address in the list, then click Manage> Printer properties> Ports. Scroll down the list to find your printer, then look in the left column to see which port the printer is on.

See which port the printer is on
See which port the printer is on

It is possible that your printer is not using a standard TCP / IP port but instead is a WSD port. This is a protocol designed to make the connection of wireless devices automated on the network (think of them as USB or plug-and-play devices). For all purposes, the WSD and IP ports in this case fulfill the same role.

Whether the printer has a WSD or IP address, you can still manually add it to other Windows 10 devices on your network from the menu. “Add a printer” of the computer you want to connect to it. Just make sure to choose “Add a printer using a TCP / IP address or hostname”, then select the correct device type (TCP / IP or Web Services Device) from the drop-down menu.

Choose the right device
Choose the right device

Use the physical printer buttons to find the IP address

Almost any modern printer can output a page that shows all the important diagnostics of that printer, such as its ink level and its IP address. The button on the printer can be the button ‘i’ Or you can navigate around the printer’s LCD screen and look for a function like pattern “Print Diagnostics Page”.

If the printer has an LCD screen, you may not even have to print a test page. Just use the LCD screen to navigate to network options and search for options like “Network address”, “TCP / IP” good “Wi-Fi status”.

Find the printer IP on the router

When network printers pass through the router, it is natural that the router stores their IP information. Log into the router (usually by typing or in the browser address bar, then enter username and password) and you should be able to find a list of all network devices connected to your router.

Find the printer IP on the router
Find the printer IP on the router

The exact way to find this information varies between routers, but you can find the list in “Attached Devices” or “Network Devices”. Browse a bit around the router menu and you will eventually find it. First, find the printer name in the column “Device”, then look through the column “IP Address” to see the printer’s IP address.

2. How to set the printer’s IP address

Step 1:

We press the key User Function circle yellow and then press select Admin is displayed on the screen.

Click Admin

Step 2:

Next, enter the password for the printer. If not, the default password will be 12345.

Step 3:

We click on Network and then select TCP / IP to view the IP address and reset the IP address for the printer if desired.

Printer IP address

Now that you have completed the IP address check for the printer and can proceed to change the IP address for the printer. Using the printer with WiFi connection will help users to easily print remotely on a smartphone, in case you are not connected to a computer.

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