Instructions on how to join IDO Konomi Network (KONO) on Polkastarter

Instructions on how to join IDO Konomi Network (KONO) on Polkastarter


2021-03-21 22:41:43

Konomi is about to open the sale of KONO tokens through the sale of IDO on the Polkastarter platform on March 16. Konomi is expected to open for sale a total of 200,000 KONO.


What to prepare before joining IDO Konomi?

  • Email
  • Twitter account
  • Telegram
  • ERC-20 wallet. Please note that you do not use a floor wallet, use Metamask, Imtoken, TrustWallet, …

Instructions on how to join whitelist before IDO KONO

Step 1: Follow Twitter Konomi Network and Polkastarter

Step 2: Join Telegram Konomi Network

Step 3: Like and retweet Post Pin. Next, copy the link of Retweet and fill out the Other section in the form below 👇

Step 4: After you have completed all the above steps, you are required to fill out a Google Form here

Instructions on how to join IDO Konomi Network on Polkastarter

Whitelist will open from 6PM on 5/3 to 6PM on 9/3 (VN time)

After you have filled out the above Google Form, just wait for the result to dial. If you win Whitelist, you will get 1 slot to buy IDO on March 16 on Polkastarter

Some information about IDO Konomi Network

  • A total of 500,000 KONO (0.5% of total supply) will be sold by IDO
  • The price per token is $ 0.4
  • IDO will raise $ 200,000, divided into 2 pools: $ 100,000 for the pool holding POLS and $ 100,000 for the community pool.
  • Each 1 winning Whitelist slot will be purchased up to $ 330
  • IDO will start on March 16. The specific time will be updated later

Please join the channels below to receive the latest notice of Whitelist results and specific times of IDO sale:

IDO Calendar on Polkastarter

For convenience, you can visit CHK’s IDO Calendar for information on the projects to be recently opened for sale.

CHK aggregated

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