Instructions on how to reset Samsung TV quickly and simply

Instructions on how to reset Samsung TV quickly and simply


2021-05-03 01:13:48

Reset TV, also known as factory reset for TV, helps your TV to operate smoother and more efficient. So is the way to reset Samsung TV is different from another way of reset TV? Please refer to our article to find the answer!

How to reset Samsung TV

How to reset Samsung Smart TV

Step 1: Select the button Home (house picture) on the TV remote

Step 2: Choose Setting on the TV screen

Select Settings

Step 3: The Settings menu shows the Picture, Sound, Broadcasting, Network, System and Support section -> select Support

Select Support

Step 4: In the Support section choose Self-diagnosis -> Reset

Select Reset

Step 5: If you are sure you want to reset, press select Have

Select Yes

Step 6: Now the television asks enter the PIN code. The default PIN code of the TV is 0000. You wait about 1 minute for the TV to reset

Enter the PIN code

Step 7: Choose Welcome. When you choose this section, it means using TV in Vietnamese language.

Select Welcome

Step 8: View About TV Remote Control -> Select Next

Select Next

Step 9: In part Network connections, choose Select wifi network (wireless network) or wired network that you want to connect to the TV

Select wifi network (wireless network)

Step 10: In part terms of use, choose I agree to all -> OK

Select I agree all

Step 11: Choose nation was Asia Europe

Select Asia / Europe Country

Step 12: Wait about 5 minutes for TV tuned for channels

The TV tuns the channel

Step 13: Choose Start watching TV. At this point, you have finished the TV reset process and can watch the TV as usual.

Select Start tivI view

How to reset Samsung TV normally

Step 1: Press the button Menu on remote control -> select Support -> select Self-diagnosis

Select Menu on the TV remote

Select Support

Select Self Diagnosis

Step 2: Choose Reset -> TV will ask you enter the PIN code (if you have never changed the PIN code, the default PIN code is 0000) -> select Have -> the TV will restart.

Select Reset

Enter the PIN code

The TV will restart

Step 3: TV setup

  • Choose Language is Vietnamese (or any other language if you want)

Select Language

  • Choose Area is Asia / Europe

Select Region

Tune in to channels for TV

Tune in to channels for TV

Tune in to channels for TV

Note: During the TV reset process, you must not turn off the power of the TV. If you turn off the TV, please wait about 15 minutes, then turn it on again and start the steps above.

Hopefully with our detailed instructions above, you will restore the original settings of your TV successfully!


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