Instructions on how to reset Smart TV Toshiba simplest

Instructions on how to reset Smart TV Toshiba simplest

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2021-04-23 06:25:24

Reset Smart TV Toshiba will help your TV to operate stably and smoother, can bring the TV back to the state like a new factory. Please refer to the steps to reset Smart TV Toshiba in our article!

What is TV reset?

Reset TV is the operation of factory reset, returning the TV to factory configuration, and then reinstalling parameters for the TV.

During the operation, the TV often has to save certain programs in memory with many applications, so the TV sometimes will not work sensitively or may be interrupted. To overcome this situation, you need to reset the TV to:

  • Reinstall from scratch for your TV, thereby fixing some errors arising during TV use.
  • Erases all personal data, saved data and settings currently on the TV, returning the TV to its original factory state.
  • Re-tune channels, set language and country for TV …

How to reset Smart TV Toshiba

Step 1: Press the button Menu on the remote control

Step 2: Choose serrated icon (Settings) on the top right corner of the TV screen

Select the cog icon (Settings) in the right corner on the tv screen

Step 3: Choose Reinstall TV

Select Reinstall TV

Step 4: Choose Delete everything to start the factory reset process

Select Erase Everything to start the factory reset process

Step 5: Establish

  • Choose Language is Vietnamese
  • Choose nation is where you live
  • Choose Subtitle language is Vietnamese or English depending on your needs
  • Choose Place of use is At Home
  • IN AutoView, choose Have to Allows your TV to automatically adjust the picture suitable for the lighting conditions of the environment. Note, if you do do not want Using this feature, you choose Are not
  • IN Ambient type, choose Fluorescent lamp or Light bulb depending on your home’s lighting conditions.
  • Choose Begin let the TV search for channels automatically

With the above 5 simple steps, you absolutely can help your home TV run smoother and more stable. Good luck!


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