Instructions on how to tips Bitcoin on Twitter iOS application

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2021-10-13 18:54:52

What are tips?

What are tips?

Tips is a new feature built into Twitter that allows users to add links to third-party payment services, including bitcoin wallets and the Lightning Network service, on their profiles.

The Tips tool was first introduced in May 2021 as an exclusive feature for select users and then rolled out to more users on September 23, 2021.

Currently only iOS users can perform Tips operations. Web and Android users may have to wait a bit longer for Twitter to integrate this feature.

Guide to Tip Bitcoin on Twitter

Send directly through Bitcoin wallet

Step 1: Open the Twitter app on iOS

Step 2: Select the user you want to Tips

Note: The user you want to Tips must be the one with Tips enabled

Step 3: Select the icon as shown below

Select the icon as shown below
Select the icon as shown below

Step 4: Choose “Next

Select Next
Select Next

Step 6: Choose “Copy wallet address

Select Copy wallet address
Select Copy wallet address

Step 7: Once you have a BTC wallet address, you can use different types of Bitcoin wallets to send Bitcoins to the Tips recipient’s address

Send via Lightning Network

Currently, users can only use the Strike app to tip Bitcoin through the Lightning Network. But this application currently does not allow Vietnamese people to use. Therefore, CHK cannot guide you to use this application.


Above is information about Tips BTC function on Twitter application. Through this article, you must have somewhat grasped the basic information as well as tips for other users.

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