Instructions to block ads on Android smartphones

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2021-04-14 04:28:13

Most websites as well as Youtube channels often insert a lot of ads into their streaming content. Ad insertion will help the website owner, that Youtube channel earn a large amount of revenue. But the advertising hurts the user experience.

So how can we block these ads. Today I will have an article on how to block ads on Android smartphones.

How to install Youtube Vanced for Android

Step 1: First you need to install Youtube Vanced for your phone by downloading the apk file here.

Then click OK to allow downloading files to your phone.

Step 2: Select Install to continue. Go to the File app on your Android smartphone -> Download the Vanced Youtube Manager app.

Step 3: Install MicroG Vanced to login your Google account -> select Youtube Vanced Settings.

Step 4: To continue, choose the desired background -> select the desired language for Vanced -> click Finish.

So you have finished installing Youtube Vanced for Android. At this time, the screen will show the Vanced Youtube interface, this interface is like the popular Youtube version.

Instructions for using Youtube Vanced on Android smartphones

– After installing Youtube Vanced, you turn on the application.

– From the main interface of the application, select the Account icon -> Sign in -> Sign in to your Google account.

– Then go to the account icon again, select Settings -> Vanced Settings -> Interface Settings.

– To activate dark screen, choose Dark Theme.

– To set up video playback automatically when using Youtube Vanced, do the following:

– You go to Vanced Settings -> select More -> Turn on automatic video playback. In addition, you can also enable Auto Repeat –

In Vanced Settings there are a few other options that you can install:

  • Codec Override: Force to play video in VP9 decoder
  • Video Settings: Customize default resolution, default speed, and automatically turn on Secondary when watching videos.

Vanced Youtube application helps you completely block ads in all positions. At the same time be able to view the maximum resolution modeā€¦ .Wish you success.


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