Instructions to connect MetaMask wallet with Nervos Network

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2022-01-24 08:38:06

Nervos Network is a blockchain ecosystem developed to solve the biggest challenges facing blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum today.

The following article will show you how to connect MetaMask wallet to Nervos Network in the safest and most detailed way for newbies.


What is Nervos Network?

Nervos Network is an open source project that brings together protocols and a public blockchain ecosystem. Nervos Network consists of 2 layers:

  • Layer 1: CKB (Common Knowledge Base) is an open public blockchain structure based on PoW (Proof of Work) mechanism.
  • Layer 2: Includes Sidechain, State Channel and Plasma Chain solutions

The core design principle of Nervos is that layer 2 will run a variety of solutions, including the Nervos App Chain to focus on scalability and user dApps. Instead of decentralizing the protection of the base layers through consensus mechanisms, largely untested and refreshed for ultimate performance and TPS. Nervos network uses layer 2 with almost unlimited transaction capacity and minimal transaction costs for layer 1 blockchain with secure and decentralized design.

How to connect Nervos Network with MetaMask

The following are the steps to connect Nervos Network with the most detailed MetaMask wallet.

First, go to MetaMask wallet and select the circle in the top right corner of the wallet.

Continue clicking “Settings”.

guide connect with metamask with nervos network 1

And click “Networks”.

guide connect with metamask with nervos network 2

This step click “Add Network” the last in the wallet interface is showing.

guide connect with metamask with nervos network 3

This is the most important step to connect Nervos Network to MetaMask.

Here is the configuration of Nervos Network and you enter as directed in the image below and click “Save”.

  • Network Name: Godwoken Polyjuice Mainnet
  • RPC URLs:
  • ChainID: 71394
  • Symbols: CKB

guide connect with metamask with nervos network

As if you have successfully connected Nervos Network with MetaMask wallet.


Through the above instructions, you can easily connect the Nervos Network with MetaMask to perform the functions of this wallet on the Nervos network such as storing and withdrawing in a simple way.


ALERT: Investing in financial products carries a lot of risk that may not be suitable for some investors. Therefore, please consider carefully and control yourself before making any decisions that are made up of the contents referenced here.

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