Instructions to download and play GTA5 right on Android phones

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2021-08-09 14:19:24

(CHK) Referring to the best action game product of all time, it is definitely impossible to ignore the series of street robbery games Grand Theft Auto. This is also one of Rockstar’s most successful products to date.

Despite being released for a long time, Grand Theft Auto still maintains a strong fan base. All thanks to the exciting and challenging action gameplay. You will participate in a lot of exciting robbery missions, and experience the intense chase between criminals and police.

Grand Theft Auto has a lot of parts, most notably GTA 5. This part 5 has a lot of changes in terms of content and is set in San Andreas. When not on missions in GTA 5, you can freely explore the large open world. This is the interesting part in this part 5.

Because it is the most successful part of Grand Theft Auto, many fans expect to be able to play GTA V mobile. However, GTA 5 does not have a mobile version yet. Here, the article will show you how to download GTA 5 on your phone very simply.


This is not an official version from the publisher Rockstar Games. But this version also gives you the most complete experience.

This game is quite ‘burning’ the configuration if the highest graphics are turned on, you should consider adjusting the graphics down if the machine cannot meet.

How to download GTA 5 on your phone

To be able to install GTA 5, you need to download the .zip file below, my link is available in Google Drive.

Access link

Step 1: After successfully downloading, you extract the file and get 2 files. You hold down on the file and select the 3 dots > Extract > Name the extracted file and you’re done.

Name the unzipped file

Step 2: Next, go to the extracted file and select Install APK file first.

Install APK file

Step 3: Finally, you copy the remaining file under the Android> OBB path and paste it in.

copy the remaining file under the path Android > OBB

Step 4: After entering the game, you should give the application permission to access. So you can experience the entire GTV 5 game on your phone.

App permissions


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