Instructions to join KSM Starter’s Whitelist Private Sale

Instructions to join KSM Starter’s Whitelist Private Sale


2021-06-14 10:05:47

What is Kusama Starter?

Kusama Starter is the first primary launchpad on Kusama, providing an IDO platform for various programs to help new projects easily raise capital and attract investors from the community through private & public sales rounds. .

The project team’s criteria is to build democracy, transparency and provide stable value in ecosystems. Kusama Starter is built to support the launch and development of promising projects & introduce them into the Kusama ecosystem.

Kusama Network is like other blockchains like Ethereum, projects can be connected and built without parachain. This is also the solution that Kusama Starter brings.

Instructions to register for the KSM Starter Pre-sale whitelist

Participating in private sales in projects is now open to everyone. Whitelist of KSM Starter project is opened with random selection (lottery) & only qualified registrants can participate in private sale.

The registration period will end at 19:00 hours on June 18, 2021


To buy in the private sale, you need to complete the following tasks:

Step 1: Theo dõi Twitter KSM Starter.

Step 2: Like & Retweet information on project Twitter here.

Step 3: Tag 2 friends on Pinned Tweet as comments.

Step 4: Join Telegram KSM Starter & subscribe Channel KSM Starter.

Step 5: Click and fill in whitelist form.

Gleam Competition

In addition, there is a contest on Gleam for creative brothers. Participate by designing unlimited content such as: articles, videos, memes and GIFs., Telegram stickers, infographics.

To join, click on the following link:

Note that participants should be aware of copyright issues, KSM Starter will not be responsible for the copyright of the submitted contest content.

After the KSM Starter whitelist lottery, the registration information on the bot will be deleted and duplicate entries merged. Participants will be randomly selected in the whitelist, notification will be sent to personal email.

You will be asked to respond to your email within 24 hours, if you have not received it, the KSM team will contact you via Telegram and Twitter. After 48 hours, if there is no response from the winner’s side, the winner will be disqualified & continue to randomly select another person to replace the position.


Currently, the project roadmap has no specific information and the team is still building the foundation. KSM Starter is still quite new in the market and there are quite a few other competitors such as DAO Maker, Poolz, Duck Starter, Solstarter, Cardstarter, etc. But maybe in the future, KSM Starter is considered as a potential IDO project.

I hope the content of the article helps you somewhat in the process of participating in the project and this information is not considered investment advice, please read carefully before participating.#KusamaStarter #KSM


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