Instructions to make online Valentine cards

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2021-05-10 00:53:51

Another new Valentine’s season is coming and surely you have a plan to give gifts to your other half. And besides the sweet gifts, we also can’t forget the Valentine cards that contain loving wishes to the other party. Currently there are many online card creation websites with available card templates for you to choose from like thiepmung website. You just need to enter your wishes, the wishes to send to the website and then we will have the complete card. Or you can also create your own custom greeting card if you want, as many details are provided on the Fotojet website. Thus, users can enjoy adding personal images, emotional motifs into the card. The following article will introduce you to 2 online Valentine card creation websites.

Template for beautiful Valentine cards, online

1. Create online Valentine cards on Makeover

You can create a Valentine card right on Tech with templates available. Friend enter greetings in the card frame, already Click Save photo to download the card is fine. May % level adjustment to enlarge or reduce the card.

Valentine card with roses

Valentine card gift box

Valentine card stylized hearts

Valentine card with roses covered with emulsion

Valentine card with heart balloons

Valentine card with hearts

Valentine card for phone

2. How to create a Valentine card on thiepmung

Step 1:

First of all, we visit the link below to enter the group of Valentine’s Day love cards on thiepmung.

Step 2:

Display interface with many different cards, designed in a romantic style with your love message. We select the card we want to use and then click select to change the content of the message.

In the card creation interface, you enter the wishes you want to send to the other party Click the word Create image under.

Click create photo

The result we get the Valentine card as shown below. Friend Click Save To download a photo of the card or use the link below to send it to someone else.

Click Save

3. How to create a Valentine card on Fotojet online

Step 1:

You can access the link to create cards on Fotojet below.


In Misc section Click on Photo Card section to create cards.

Create cards

Step 2:

Switch to the new interface Template section Click on Valentine theme.

Valentine Theme

The result will display many collage styles for the Valentine theme to choose from. Note for users, the photo collage with the crown icon will be used for premium accounts on Fotojet. We choose a free card collage to use.

Photo collage type

Step 3:

In the card editing interface you should enlarge the card for easier editing. In the card content has designed layout, and users will insert their own pictures or change the text if desired.

Zoom in on the card

First, when you click on the insert image to add option Add Photo to add pictures.

Insert photos

Step 4:

After inserting a picture into the frame, an image editing box will appear such as rotating the image, resizing the image against the picture frame, cropping the image, .. at the Property section.

Image correction

If you want to quickly adjust, then right at the available image dashed frame surround to rotate and shrink the image, zoom in according to the design layout and user preferences.

Resize the photo

Step 5:

Next click Effect item To choose a color filter for the image, adjust the blurring mode at Opacity and light at Exposure.

Photo effects

If click on the part Advanced Options will display some more custom items, if you have some knowledge about image color correction. If you want to return to the original settings click on Reset All.

Advance setting

Step 6:

Next up Customize ClipArt details in the card. We can change the position of the part, the size to match the layout of the card. You can also change the color of the part if you want.

ClipArt editing

Step 7:

With ClipArt details have text then there is the section to change the font, text size and text content.

Change text

The typeface is classified into different groups. The color of the text is selected according to the color code style, helping you to choose from more color styles. Users can delete the word FotoJet in the card.

Choose a font color

Step 8:

To add more details to the card, use the menu bar on the left side of the interface. Can add images to cards, ClipArt with different themes, text, change the background.

Edit to add other details

Step 9:

After designing the card, click floppy disk icon to download the card. You name the card, choose the format JPG or PNG, Size choose Small or Medium for a free account. Press Save button under.

Save the card

Finally press Save for Free Now.

Download cards

Step 10:

If you want to share the design card, click Share icon Then select the social network you want to share with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Printerest and then click the Share button.

Share cards

A meaningful gift quickly designed on Fotojet for Valentine’s Day to give to your loved one. In addition to the Valentine theme, Fotojet also has many other card creation themes such as Wedding, Halloween, Birthday, … or photo collage.

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Wish you all success!


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