Instructions to participate in CyBall’s NFT sale event

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2021-11-05 03:21:15

This is the trio IGO The first in the world, the event will be held on 3 different platforms. This is your chance to be one of the first to own CyBloc NFT in the Gaming universe CyBall.

Genesis Packs will be launched on Binance NFT Marketplace, CyBall Genesis Site and NFT GuildFi Platform. Each Genesis Pack can be exchanged for a Genesis CyBloc NFT approximately one week after the IGO.

To have the best experience for this event, here is a detailed guide on how to buy.


  • Binance NFT requires users to have a Binance account and pre-load BUSD.
  • CyBall – requires those who do not win the whitelist to prepare a wallet, can use Metamask, CHK Wallet, Binance Wallet) and have BNB in ​​the wallet.
  • GuildFi requires whitelisted users to have a Metamask, CHK, or Binance wallet and have BNB available.
  • Event will start at 08:00 PM on November 4, 2021 simultaneously on Binance NFT, CyBall and GuildFi to create fair and easily accessible public listing events.
  • Purchase limits will apply on CyBall and GuildFi.
  • The Whitelist Raffle and Giveaway winners will receive their prizes another day.

Detailed instructions on how to buy

Genesis Bundles will be sold at a fixed price on a first-come-first-serve basis on all 3 platforms.

Binance NFT

  1. Request
  • Users need a Binance account
  • Available wallet BUSD
  1. Select the Package you want to buy

  1. Complete the purchase
  • Click on the list of Genesis Packages you want to purchase.
  • Click [Buy Now] and [Confirm].
  1. Trade, deposit and withdraw

Once successfully purchased, users can participate in trading on Binance NFT Marketplace or deposit and withdraw via Metamask, CHK, Binance wallets.


  1. Request
  • Metamask, CHK, Binance Wallet Connected to BInance Smart Chain
  • Have BNB available in the wallet.
  • Note: additional BNB is required to pay for fees.
  1. Select Package and complete the purchase
  • Click CyBall’s Genesis page
  • Connect wallet
  • Select the type of Package you want to buy
  • Click [Buy] and [Confirm] wallet transactions.

  1. View Genesis Packs purchased in Stash
  • After purchase, go to the “Stash” tab on the CyBall Genesis Page (note that the wallet must still be connected at this time).
  • User will see Purchased Package and can view each Bundle in detail.

  1. Trade, deposit and withdraw

Once purchased, users can also deposit to Binance NFT to trade on the marketplace or send and withdraw to their wallet.


  1. Request
  • Win the Whitelist
  • Available Metamask, CHK or Binance wallet connected to Binance Smart Chain.
  • BNB available in wallet (including transaction fee BNB).
  1. Select Package and complete the purchase
  • Click GuildFi website
  • Connect a wallet and select the type of Genesis Package you want to buy.
  • Click [Buy] and [Confirm] wallet transactions.

  1. View Purchased Packages in Stash

After purchase, go to CyBall Genesis page, connect the wallet and go to the “Stash” tab to view the details of each Genesis Package successfully purchased.

  1. Trade, deposit and withdraw

Users can now participate in transactions, deposit and withdraw to wallets.

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